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  • Swimming lessons? Karate?

    Cannot aquabeba enough but it is in Williamsburg. My son has been going since he was 4 months old, he is now 7.5. My daughter has been going since she was 1 and is now 5.5. We love the staff, the overall instruction. Just amazing.
  • Swimming lessons

    Aquabeba in Williamsburg has reopened for swimming and they are great. All 3 of my kids have gone there since 6 months old and all are great swimmers.
  • Swimming lessons

    Aquabeba in Williamsburg has reopened for swimming and they are great. All 3 of my kids have gone there since 6 months old and all are great swimmers.
  • ISO: infant swim class / recommendations

    Hi! My now 18 month old son is about ready to start his fourth session at AquaBeba in Williamsburg and we love it (he did his first class when he was about 8 or 9 months old, and there were babies as young as 4 months in the class). Classes fill up quickly, but you can add your name to the waitlist and you might get into the fall session. Just send and email to the organizer and you’ll get a prompt response. (August 2019)
  • ISO: At-home swim lessons?

    Aquabebe teaches group and private lessons at residential pools so it's all pretty low key. We did group lessons years ago and they were in a very well heated and peacefully lit pool in the basement of a Williamsburg condo. I'm not sure if they still teach in the same pool, but if not I would expect that it would be a similar situation. It's expensive, but anything on the private and cozy side will be. (August 2019)
  • Swimming lessons (in a warm pool) recommendations?

    We're on our third session of lessons at Aqua Beba in Williamsburg and love it. The pool and changing rooms/common area are toasty warm and the instructors are fantastic. Parking in the area isn't hard if you drive (or you can park for free for 90 mins with $15 purchase at Whole Foods around the corner!). The classes fill up quickly, though. They just had the sign up for the next session, so you can be put on a wait list for the class level/times that work for you.
  • Swim classes?

    I take mine who's almost 5 months to Aquabeba in Williamsburg. He started just before he was 4 months old. He was always very happy in the bath and didn't mind having water splashed on his face so I thought he'd enjoy it which he does. He has already been underwater and let go to swim to me which was so cool!! I think it's a great class - about 8 babies in total and they have several instructors in the water so everyone gets enough attention. The place is spotless and there are 6 changing tables so plenty of space to get the babies ready. Most importantly the pool is warm - I remember taking my eldest when she was a baby to a pool that wasn't heated and she screamed the whole time that after a few weeks we just gave up!
  • Swim classes?

    Aquabeba in Williamsburg is incredible. We just started our 2 session there - they do an amazing job.
  • [PSP Winter 2017 Babies] Baby and me swim suggestions

    We took classes from Aquabeba and they were amazing. My then 9 month old learned some water safety and could hold onto the wall and pull up as well as swim underwater to me, techniques to start kicking, etc. The pool was very warm and the instructors were great. The problem is it's in Williamsburg so its kind of a pain.
  • THANKS & SUMMARY Warm Water Swim Class for Fearful 4 y.o.

    You might try Aqua Bebe. They have great instructors and have warm water. The Williamsburg location is not very convenient but may be worth a try. Good luck!