Apryl Hand
Apryl Hand


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Reviews (4)

  • Recommendations for real estate lawyer for coop purchase

    Just finished a transaction. (Like literally, we closed today, with Apryl Hand.) She is GREAT. She will fight for you and really give you great advice. We've now used her 3x. You can ask her lots of questions, get her advice or second opinion on anything coming from the brokers involved, and she is super funny. She tells it straight and she's not afraid to say no and to push back. She held our hand through selling our first place FSBO and buying our second place without a broker and gave us so much guidance & strategic advice. If you have a great attorney that makes time for you, it is invaluable. I would trust a good real estate attorney's guidance and POV over a broker's any day of the week.
  • Home Inspector and Real Estate Lawyer Rec

    We had a fantastic lawyer, Apryl Hand, who helped us with our long, drawn out and difficult purchase (an apartment combo.) She herself is a homeowner in crown heights and I understand has helped a lot of families with purchases there, I'm sure with the same kinds of issues that you describe - illegal modifications, out of code stuff, tenants in place. Our purchase/ sale absolutely would not have happened without her help - including dealing with a difficult seller, a drawn out board vote, banks who tried to cancel our sale. Although she was on our side the whole time, she was tough with the other folks involved when we needed he to be. The entire thing took a year. We got her through recommendation of a friend with a different but also difficult sale.
  • Re: [PSP] Re: Home Inspector and Real Estate Lawyer Rec

    I second the recommendation for Apryl Hand. We've referred her to several friends and colleagues over the years and all have been as happy with her as we were.
  • ISO real estate lawyer for getting out of contract

    We used Apryl Hand for a sale that required extensive negotiation, and I found her smart and fearless. You might consider her for this.