Anvar Kholmamatov
Anvar Kholmamatov


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Reviews (2)

  • ISO contractor/carpenter for door install

    This guy Anvar just did some great work at my home and office. Very reasonable prices. One of his specialties is actually door/window installation. An acquaintance of mine who is a building super recommended him. I've been through a few contractors/handymen in the past few years and he has been by far the best. Quality work and done quickly. He can come to give you an estimate the same day you call him or next day. You can call him anytime of the day. Phone # 612-300-4189
  • 2019 Review

    Anvar is the real deal. He has been the best handyman/contractor I have dealt with in my life. I needed some work done at my office and at home and was fed up with the shoddy and slow work done by the last 2 people I had hired. I found Anvar through an acquaintance who is an 8-building Super (so he knows what good and bad work is). Anvar showed up 1 day after I contacted him. He went through what I needed, took notes, pointed out issues and gave me a VERY reasonable price on the spot. He was very professional and I could sense that he really cared about his work. I am also a business owner so I can pretty quickly sense if someone really cares about doing a good job. He went to work almost immediately and did the work better and faster than I could have ever imagined. 3 other building Supers who have seen the work he did for me say ""Wow!"" and then ""Wow!"" again when I tell them the price (If you know Supers, you know they love to criticize other peoples' work). Anwar does almost any kind of work you need. He has workers on standby all the time so now job is too big or small. He is also very flexible with the hours you may need/want him to work. He lives in Brooklyn and can work anywhere in the 5 boroughs + Long Island, Westchester + NJ. He can show you videos and pictures of his work. He can also arrange for you to see his finished work in homes and offices throughout the city. He speaks English very well and also is fluent in Uzbeck, Russian, Turkish, and Korean. He will answer the phone 24hrs/day so call him any time for an estimate. 612-300-4189. His specialties are: 1. Door/window installation 2. Tiles/Tiling of any kind 3. Kitchen cabinets / cabinet doors / backsplash 4. Painting / Wallpaper 5. Shelves / Shelving 6. Any kind of electrical work 7. Small to medium plumbing jobs 8. Any kinds of moldings 9. Blinds"