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Reviews (8)

  • Help! SHSAT prep

    I recommend Antoine Education, rub by Ed Antione. My daughter did SHSAT prep and then decided not to take the test and now she is going for SAT prep. The tutors their or top-notch.
  • ISO SHSAT tutor

    Our son S. used Edward Antoine and S. crushed the exam. I think Ed is a great tutor.
  • SHSAT prep recommendations?

    We did Antoine Education on 4th Avenue, and were pretty happy with it. Ed Antoine who runs it is very knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. The curriculum was comprehensive without being excessive, which I appreciated. My son grew in his competence with the content and confidence in sitting for the exam. (November 2019)
  • ISO: shsat tutor

    Seconding Ed Antoine! He's great.
  • ISO: shsat tutor

    We used Ed also. Excellent
  • ISO: shsat tutor

    I suggest asking Ed Antoine (or anyone), how his materials have changed with the recent changes to the test. My son felt the test this past year was much different than what he was practicing for at Antoine’s.
  • ISO: shsat tutor

    We did the demo with Ed (and Smith Street Workshop) and liked him and his approach. We ended up going with a different SHSAT test prep course last spring (due to scheduling issues) - and then used a group tutor last fall. I wished I had done Ed Antoine's spring/fall course, would have saved a lot of scrambling to be set up for both spring/fall in one fell swoop.
  • [PSP Tweens Group] Looking for SHSAT tutor - experience with these?

    Ed Antoine of Antoine Education!