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Reviews (6)

  • ISO: Local facial recommendations

    I really love Charos at Anor Spa on Atlantic Ave. I have been seeing her for years for facials.
  • Facials

    Highly recommend Charos at Anor Spa on Atlantic ave. I’ve been seeing her for a few years and have been really happy!
  • Fave Waxing Spot?

    Anor Spa on Atlantic is excellent!! They have the purple wax that is as close to painless as I’ve ever had for a bikini wax, and they have all the protocols in place, I felt very safe going there last week.
  • ISO: Wax

    I love Charos at Anor Spa. She's amazing and so kind. I haven't been since COVID since we've been out of the country but knowing her and her daughter I imagine they are taking all the proper precautions

    Not the slope but I love the facials at Anor Spa on Pacific between Clinton and Henry. They also do THE BEST practically painless waxing!

    Charis at Anor spa in Cobble Hill