Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store
Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store
  • Park Slope


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Reviews (13)

  • Brooklyn-specific gifts

    I love Annie's General Store. Really cute stuff in different price ranges.
  • Brooklyn-specific gifts

    Annie’s Blue Ribbon has a fun New York-specific section - highly recommend!
  • Where to buy earrings for a 10 year old?

    Annie’s Blue Ribbon has a small selection of nice studs, to the left of the register.
  • Where to find cute cards?

    Annie’s Blue Ribbon! 5th Ave btwn President + Carroll. Very cute store, design-oriented. I would say more indie than PaperSource. Many cute things in there, I warn you…
  • Where to find cute cards?

    Would definitely check out Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store ( in Park Slope and Park Delicatessen ( in Crown Heights. Not sure that either has their cards available online, but they both have great options in person, or did the last time I checked.
  • Lunch ideas for 3yo for preschool and 2nd grader? are past the preschool days, but I am super into my the yumbox I just purchased. Shameless plug: it is available at Annie's General Store on Union, along with a lot of other lunch boxes that I wish I had seen before I shopped online. The yumbox is a bento style box with all the compartments visible at a glance. This is especially helpful for the young and absent minded (like my guy). My kid now can see all the food that is available. Before, he would forget half his lunch because it was packed in a separate container that he would forget to fish out of his lunchbox.
  • Good housewarming gift?

    Annie’s Blue Ribbon has tons of great house stuff
  • Shout Out to Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

    A quick but enthusiastic shout out to Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store in Park Slope for having WONDERFUL stuff and a delightful online shopping experience. I'd posted a few weeks ago that I was looking for someplace local to buy Christmas stockings. Annie's has a few lovely options, as well as lots of other fabulous items. I took care of almost all of my holiday shopping there. Shipping was free over $100 and each item was carefully wrapped for protection in the box. They also do curbside pick-up. Great great great stuff. Not affiliated at all, just a very happy customer.
  • shopping local

    Love Annie's Blue Ribbon also.
  • Shout out for Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

    Just a quick heads up to anyone needing a last minute Mother's Day (or whatever) gift: Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store is open this afternoon (Saturday) for curbside pickup! You can order online and pick up later. They are very appreciative of the business. I am very appreciative that they solved my pandemic procrastination dilemma!
  • Shop Local : Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

    Shopping at Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store as always is a bright spot especially during this pandemic. Recently I have bought candy and fun items for Easter baskets for my kids and as a family we are frequently in need of a new puzzles, thankfully they are constantly updating their assortment. My husband recently said he wasn't sure where he could get me Bday & Mothers Day cards & gifts this year. I suggested he check Annie's out and he was happy to find out the are doing contactless pick ups on Wednesday's & Saturday's from 3-5 pm and Ann ( the store's owner and Park Slope mom) will schedule "shopping" visits. This is the kind of service we get from our local businesses even in a Pandemic.
  • Shout out to Annie’s Blue Ribbon general store

    I would like to give a big shout out to Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store. I have ordered my kids Easter basket from her store and I must say it was so well done. My kids found out we are not going to the grandparents to celebrate our Easter and Easter egg hunting for obvious reasons, so I have decided to surprise them with some Easter treats with insanely cute baskets from Annie’s store. You can order online and they will mail it to you. They have a lot of puzzles, and soon Mother’s Day gifts. Please consider buying locally and helping out our fellow neighbor Annie and her family.
  • ISO: Greeting cards with historic Brooklyn Winter Prints

    Annie’s Blue Ribbon on 5th ave had a great selection when I was there.