Ani Mason - Mason Matrimonial
Ani Mason - Mason Matrimonial


I am a divorce mediator and attorney with offices in Midtown and Park Slope. My work is focused on helping couples and individuals navigate separation, divorce, prenups and postnups without going to court. 
My background is in matrimonial litigation, with additional training in the financial and psychological components of separation and divorce. I also host a bi-weekly podcast, The Divorce Field Guide, that offers listeners an overview of and tips for navigating the divorce process. 
Main Office Address
60 East 42nd Street, 46th Floor
New York, NY 10165
Brooklyn Office Address
699 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(212) 634-3960
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Reviews (2)

  • Ani Mason for collaborative divorce?

    my ex and I used Ani as a mediator (each with our own side lawyer), and she was great! Really the MVP of our process ... guided us through all the steps, helped us understand the decisions we were making and anticipate things we hadn't been thinking of, and generally set a warm, humane tone for the whole business. Three years later we still have the best post-marriage we could have hoped for, and I think Ani did a lot to help us accomplish that. We'd been entirely amicable going into it, in spite of a lot of pain and resentment and irreconcilable differences--we'd both accepted the reality and just wanted to limit the damage and make the best of things moving forward, without acrimony or score-settling or game-playing. We didn't do a collaborative divorce per se, but it was a highly collaborative endeavor and continues to be so.
  • looking for mediator to moderatepost-divorceparent...

    Ani Mason of Mason Matrimonial is fantastic! Review submitted via the PSP SDS (Separated, Divorced, and Single) Parents group, 2/2015