Angela Babo
Angela Babo


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Reviews (4)

  • Post-renovation cleaning

    I use Angela Babo. She does a phenomenal job. I have referred her to several other people who are amazed at how thorough she is. I use her each time we do post construction cleaning. I can't recommend her highly enough.
  • Post-renovation cleaning

    I strongly recommend Angela Babo at 347-596-0149. We enlisted Angela after two major gut renovations. She and her crew are amazing! We also have them do two major cleanings during the year. She's lovely and very reliable.
  • (no subject)

    We used her as well after reading recs for her on Brownstoner, but we regret it. I hate to bash anyone, but feel it's only fair to provide another experience. She came to look at the place and gave an estimate which was a little lower than another we received. After the job was done, however, she sent a bill for 4 times that amount without any explanation. We were shocked because we had moved in one day after she finished and been very disappointed with how much dust was still left. I had been mopping and wiping down surfaces instead of unpacking because one of our 2 small children is still crawling and mouthing everything she picks up. I'm not sure if she was training a new crew who don't know what they are doing or what the problem was because our construction crew was not very messy as these thing go. But the biggest problem for me was how unprofessional she was about the bill. She never contacted us during or even after the job to say she couldn't meet her estimate or anything like it. After we called to ask if she'd confused us with another property she simply said she had to use more people and take more time than expected. If she found it was taking so much more than she quoted us she should have called and asked how we wanted to handle it. We never would have agreed to proceed at that cost. September 2012
  • ISO: Really Thorough Cleaning Service

    We recently hired Angela Babo for post construction cleaning after a brownstone renovation. Our architect had recommended her; this is her specialty. She and 4 of her crew came over for a whole day and cleaned/wiped down all that construction dust and grime. September 2012