Amy Glaser, MD - Slope Pediatrics
Amy Glaser, MD - Slope Pediatrics
  • Park Slope
    60 Eighth Avenue (btw Berkeley and Union), Brooklyn
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Reviews (32)

  • Pediatrician Rec

    We have been with Dr Glaser since my kids were born. When was I must thankful for her? When my son ended up with a serious medical condition and through her powerful connections we were rushed right through the ER at NYU and into the ICU and connected to the top specialist in the field. I know it’s a bit dramatic but having a pediatrician with admitting rights and connections to a good hospital is something to consider.
  • Doctor Recommendations

    We have been very happy with Dr. Glaser at NYU Slope Pediatrics. We've seen every doctor in this practice because of sick visits and they have all been great.
  • ISO Recommendation for pediatrician in Prospect Heigh / Park Slope / Grand Army Plaza

    We go to Dr. Amy Glaser at NYU Slope Pediatrics. We’ve also gone to Dr. Rachel Frank there. They are both great. Dr Frank spent a lot of time with the baby during the first couple newborn visits and we didn’t feel rushed at all. Dr. Glaser is a little more all business but she came highly recommended by 4 or 5 different moms in the neighborhood and we really like her as well. The nurses and front desk at the practice are super nice and easygoing. And the NYU Langone app to schedule / change appts or communicate with the provider is the best.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    She's the pediatrician at Slope Pediatrics and helped me SO much in a virtual session. I can't recommend her and her practice enough.
  • Pediatricians in Center Slope

    Dr Glaser’s office has ALWAYS accommodated any sick day needs and Dr Glaser called me herself when I put in a call with her answering service while at urgent care debating treatment options. She’s a phenomenal diagnostician, to boot. And her staff is amazing with all the forms and paperwork needs that kids inevitably have. Happy to answer questions.
  • Pediatrician recommendation

    I like Amy Glaser - my 12 year old son has been seeing her since birth. She’s crisp and no-nonsense but she’s an excellent diagnostician and knows when to tell me to chill out. She has an excellent referral network. Her staff is AMAZING, which is a godsend when it comes to the never-ending school and camp paperwork.
  • Vegan Friendly Pediatrician

    We have been seeing Dr Amy Glaser at NYU Langone / Slope Pediatrics on 8th Avenue for 4 years now. They know we are vegan / vegetarian and it’s never been an issue / topic of discussion.
  • General practitioner and pediatrician recommendati...

    We like our pediatrician although she doesn’t speak Russian. Her name is Dr. Amy Glaser. She is at 60 8th ave. Her office # is 718-636-0019.
  • Pediatrician Recommendations - South Slope

    We are with Slope pediatrics (Dr Glaser) and they usually have Saturday morning hours. They also respond super quickly to emergencies by phone which is a godsend when you are at urgent care at 7pm and need to make a quick decision on treatment...
  • 2018 Review

    My son is now 11.5 and he’s seen Amy Glaser since day 1. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s a straight shooter and a phenomenal diagnostician. These are important qualities to me in a physician. Her office staff is beyond terrific - my kid doesn’t get sick that much and I don’t think we have an abnormal number of medical forms with which we need help and they remember who I am. Which grows with importance as your kid grows, trust me. At the beginning it’s all about answers to questions and getting understand how this new little one operates but over time, Camp form support is not to be underrated!! Good luck and enjoy your new bundle!
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Very matter of fact, in a good way. Very responsive when you call her in off hours. I can see some thinking she's a little too harsh, but I actually find it refreshing to have a pediatrician who gives me information in a straightforward manner and doesn't go all gaga over the baby. That's not to say she's mean or doesn't like kids. She clearly likes babies, and is very good with my son, but she's very practical. Insurance: She does take insurance. It's been no problem with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Based on a 2015 birth
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Dr Rachel Franck and Dr Amy Glaser Review: Both seem ok. We haven't seen them many time yet. We visited Dr Franck because our son was restless... we didn't find much to do but then I'm not sure there would be a diagnosis for this. Hard to give a definite impression after only 2 routine visits. Insurance: Covered by Cigna Based on a December2015 birth
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Dr. Glaser called me the day after I was discharged from the hospital to talk about my birth experience and my babies. She was just as interested in my care as she was the babies. I was so full of questions and was completely overwhelmed so having her reach out to me really put me at ease. She is very direct which I value. Anytime I've taken our twins to see her for an ailment, she takes her time with them, asks lot of questions and then lays out a plan for us to follow. She usually calls the next day to check in as well. The first few months and even the first year with a baby is scary when they become ill. I am always put at each by Dr. Glaser and her staff. Insurance: No problems with insurance. I have GHI and we simply pay the copay at most visits. Based on a January2015 birth
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Review: She is very non-alarmist. Front staff is the best. Had a bad experience with her back up, Dr. Frank, but now there is also a NP who is great and I'm not stuck with Dr. Frank on a sick visit. I like that they do the blood draws on site and will administer flu vaccine to parents also. Insurance: Yes, no problem with claims. Based on a June 2015 birth
  • Re: ISO: Pediatrician in the hood

    I respect, completely trust and am ever grateful for Dr Glaser and slope pediatrics. She and Dr Frank calm me when I am too worried but also know just when to make sure we take things seriously. More than once, dr glaser's going the extra mile has made a huge difference in my children's health. Can't say enough! Feels so good to have such faith in my girls' doctors! (July 2014)
  • Re: Best Pediatrician

    I go to Dr Glaser at Slope Pediatrics and really like her a lot. She is direct and to the point and always answers my questions. My son had complications after he was born and she seemed quite knowledgeable even though his condition is not so common. Wait times aren't a problem and making appts is not an issue either. Another thing I like is that she is not pushy about cry it out sleep methods which is a personal preference. I had some troubles with breastfeeding in the beginning and she did not hesitate to jump right in. I may have been more shy about it had she not just expected to help and look at latch positions, etc. You can meet her at an expecting parents session, that's what we did. We found her fine at this initial meeting and decided to try her as she came recommended to me from a friend.
  • Re: Best Pediatrician

    We are very happy with Dr. Glaser at Slope Pediatrics. No wait, kind staff, and an attentive, non-alarmist doctor.
  • Re: Best Pediatrician

    We've been very happy at Slope Pediatrics. Drs. Glaser and Frank are super smart, experienced and responsive. Dr. Glaser diagnosed our son with something that is often missed when he was just 6 days old and has been great with wonderful referrals to specialists. We found it helpful to go to the meet and greets that many offices offer to get a sense of each practice.
  • (no subject)

    Dr amy Glaser on 8th ave was very accommodating of the adjustments we wanted to make to my daughter's immunization schedule. And, she has proven to be excellent for our family all around. (May 2012)
  • (no subject)

    Unfortunately we were quite disappointed with Dr. Glaser. While she did do a good job diagnosing our son with acid reflux, and putting him on Zantac was very helpful, we left every visit feeling like we were being rushed out of her office. Multiple visits actually ended with her saying something along the lines of "it's a little backed up here, I have to get going." She rarely seemed to give much thought to our questions and usually answered very quickly, often without even taking a second look at our son. She was quick to return phone calls and could be good for a seasoned parent, but as first time parents we were looking for a pediatrician who we could regard as more of a partner when it came to the health of our son.
  • (no subject)

    We just had a "meet and greet" with Amy Glaser for our 11 month old and loved her! She's given us great advice already and we haven't had our first official appointment yet. She was received very well by my son who loved her attention. (October 2011)
  • (no subject)

    We really like Dr. Amy Glaser on 8th Ave near Union (718-636-0019). Our son was born prematurely and that first week, she'd even call us in the evenings to check on him, which really touched us. She is very responsive and returns calls quickly. As for breastfeeding, she is extremely supportive, I believe she is a certified lactation consultant herself. She also has a lac consultant come to her office for group classes every week, a nice way to meet other moms. We've been very happy and the office staff is always nice and helpful. I believe there are intro to the practice sessions offered after work every couple of weeks. (October 2011)
  • (no subject)

    We LOVE Dr Glaser at Slope Pediatrics. I work on EMR's for a national child healthcare non-profit, so I get to work with lots of great pediatricians. It has made me a quite picky and probably a bit of a pain as a patient's mom. My daughter is 16 months old & Dr Glaser is our third pediatrician. We finally found the right one for us. She really listens to what we say and is extremely thorough. I trust her medical judgment without question. We have seen other well respected Dr's on PSP, but if a serious medical issue were to come up, Dr Glaser is our choice, hands down. She guided us through a tricky and hard to diagnose situation. She also shares ALL pertinent information with us, which is not always the case. And my daughter loves her, which is a plus.
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    (Review Feb.2011) I find Dr Glaser to be a very thorough physician. She takes her time and really examines her patients, and I am completely confident in her abilities. I had heard from other parents that her bedside manner isn't the best...but I have always found her to be really patient and kind with my two year old son and my nine month old daugher. My daughter had some minor complications at the hospital after birth, the hospital neglected to include all the information she needed in our discharge packet, and she called the hospital right then and there and straightened the whole issue out. Very smart, very capable, I would definietly recommend her. INSURANCE: problem
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    (Review Feb.2011) Very thorough, though she sometimes seems rushed. But she will always take the time to answer every question on your list. Wait times can be long during peak hours, but if you go early in the morning, you rarely have to wait. She always remembers me and my son which is great. Office staff is nice as well. INSURANCE: Empire Blue Cross...they take it and have had no problems with them filing claims.
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    (Review Feb.2011) She is an excellent diagnostician, can tell quickly and accurately what the issue is with your child. The office staff is helpful, friendly and efficient. She returns after hours and daytime emergency calls quickly, and will always fit you in for an emergency appointment the same day when it's needed. I am a more traditional parent in terms of medical philosophy (I belive in vaccinating, and am not into attachment parenting). Her style and philosophy works for me. Her bedside manner can be a bit gruff in the begining until you get to know her, but she warms up the longer you work with her. We are very satisfied! INSURANCE: I used to have Aetna, now I have Empire BCBS and she takes both. I've had a great experience all around with insurance issues with her office.
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    Delay Vaccines? Yes (Review Feb.2011) We love Dr. Glaser. We started going to her practice 2 years ago with our newborn. She is very straight forward and will answered all our questions, even if there was a little eye rolling as how silly some of them were. I know some people are put off by her mannerisms, but I appreciate how honest and efficient she is. She really helped us when our kid was having some eating issues. INSURANCE: Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield - yes
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    Review Feb.2011) I like Dr Glaser and Dr Frank..I have been going to them for about 1 year, since my son is 4 months old. In that time we have had bad colds, a respiratory virus, napping issues, questions about food, coxackies...Both doctors in the practice, and DR Gordon have been great..I can always get an emergency appointment, I have called on major holidays with issues and they were happy to call me back and talk me through caring for the flu. Overall I am very please with the practice INSURANCE: Aetna, yes my doctor takes my insuranc
  • RReview from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    We've been taking our two boys to Dr. Glaser for 5 years, and she's always been very thorough, efficient and helpful. We really appreciate her direct manner and that she promptly returns phone calls. INSURANCE: United - yes.
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    I know Dr. Glaser has a reputation for being sharp, but I love her forthrightness and directness. She's to the point and doesn't sugar coat, but is empathetic when she needs to be. When my son needed a blood draw, she was the fastest I've ever seen, in and out in a flash. I'm less enthusiastic about her new partner, Dr, Frank. She's also well connected in the medical community and has good ideas for referrals when necessary. INSURANCE: UHC. She takes it and I haven't had any problems with her.
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    Dr. Glaser has treated my son since he was born 5 months ago. She is very direct and her manner could be construed as abrupt but she is VERY thorough in her examinations of my son and I absolutely trust her diagnostic expertise. She has been very understanding about my many new mother phone calls and has helped me to understand the difference between serious (intestinal distress) and not serious (drool rash on cheeks:) matters without making me ever feel silly for calling or coming in to see her. INSURANCE: Oxford Freedom. We've had no problem so far with claims
  • Review from 2011 PSP Pediatrician Survey

    Dr. Glaser is pretty no nonsense, which matches up with my husband's and my way of approaching health. We certainly aren't in love with her, but she gets the job done and we can tell that she is very smart and experienced. She's also located very close to our apartmenht, whcih is a major plus, and one of the main reasons we're using her and sticking with her for now. On our first visit with our newborn (who was born at home), Amy didn't bother to introduce herself or ask us our names, which we thought was a little odd. On the second visit, we waited over an hour to see her. On our third visit, she was on time. Each time she wanted to vaccinate- the first time she didn't even ask. She said "I'm going to do the hep B" and we interrupted her to say that we weren't ready. She didn't argue or question it, and moved on qucikly after we said we wanted to wait, but she did assume that we wanted to do it. In subsequent appointments, she continues to ask about vaccines but doesn't push it and doesn't make me feel uncomfortable for not going ahead with them now. I reallyt appreciate that, and it's another reason that we've stayed with her. Granted, her bedside manner is not particularly warm and engaging, but that's okay with us. We prefer to be in and out and don't feel the need to develop a great relationship with our pediatrician. We do a lot of reading up on our own, talking to other parents, and have a close friend who is a doctor that we can always get a second opinion from if needed! INSURANCE: Aetna