Ample Hills Creamery
Ample Hills Creamery


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Reviews (21)

  • 2020 Birthday Party Survey response

    Ice cream cake from Ample Hills, delicious as ever
  • Ice Cream Cake

    Ample Hills also lets you order ice cream cakes (and they are also delicious)
  • Ice Cream Cake

    Ample Hills makes delicious ice cream cakes! They are pretty customizable too. Enjoy!
  • ideas for 2 y/o bday party?

    If you are looking for a good adult and kid friendly party, Ample Hills does morning parties at their little Vanderbilt Ave flagship store. You make your own ice cream using the bike contraption they have. They have little craft project for the kids and coffee too and will let you bring in your own mimosas, or whatever. The cost was pretty low on the NYC scale. We had a great time for our twins second bday. (Caveat this is based on a few years ago)
  • ISO Ice cream cake

    Ample hills make an amazing cake!
  • ISO Ice cream cake

    Ample Hills cakes are great. Vanderbilt and a store in Gowanus.
  • ISO Ice cream cake

    Ample hills ice cream cake is great. Did it for my sons 2nd bday and my work colleagues got it for my work baby shower too.
  • ISO Ice cream cake

    Cue 100 responses of 'Ample Hills!' Seriously, their ice cream cakes are amazing.
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    We loved our bike themed bagels and ice cream brunch! The ice cream was amazing and the Venus was different in a good way. A perfect way to celebrate our baby.
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    We absolutely loved Ample Hills. The space is large and they setup tables/chairs for you. It's a bit more than we would consider spending for a kid's party but it was well worth it. You don't need to hire entertainment as the staff has activities (making ice cream/doing an art project) that keeps the kids all entertained. It's great for the parents as it gives everyone a break. You bring your own food/drinks which keeps costs down and they will help you with the setup. We were also able to bring in beer/wine for the adults. Best part--ice cream sundaes!!
  • 2018 Review

    Not as affordable as the other suggestions, Ample Hills Creamery has a great party room. You can bring your own food and drinks. You can do the “adult version” where you choose 4 ice creams to be served and pay per cup (like an ice cream bar tab). We did Audrey’s baby naming there and it was great.
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 4 Venue Review: Great location and Ample Hills takes care of everything. We only ordered pizza and brought drinks.
  • Re: Ice cream cake?

    Ample Hills does an amazing ice cream cake!
  • Re: [PSP] 4-year old birthday party ideas

    We had our daughter's 5th birthday at Ample Hills Creamery in Gowanus last May and loved it. the space was big and the staff was great. All the kids got to ride the bicycle that churns the ice cream and there was a craft for them to do as well (there were a few choices for crafts that we had to choose between and we went with a picture frame that the kids decorated and then the staff went around taking a picture of each child so they could put the photo in the frame). I was initially worried that it wouldn't be entertaining enough since we didn't have any princesses, magicians, face painters or any of the other things most parties seem to have but it turns out it was the perfect amount of entertaining for a bunch of 5-year-olds. There's also an outdoor space right outside the party room so once things started to get slow, they could go out there and play (luckily it was a nice day). We considered a lot of other places -the Painted Pot was a leading contender- but the thing that really drew us to Ample Hills was that their cost included the most number of kids out of all the places. (I think the Painted Pot was only 10 kids and then every kid after that was extra but my memory is a bit hazy.) Considering we wanted to invite all the kids in her class, this was a big deal. The only negative for us was that the outdoor space was open to everybody but could only be accessed through the party room so there were a lot of random people just walking through our party and not only did I find it annoying, it didn't feel super secure. This was almost a year ago though so it's possibly that by now, they've changed it and the outdoor space would be exclusive to the party. Bottom line for us - our experience there was really good and I highly recommend it. (Review submitted March 2016)
  • Re: Birthday Party at Ample Hills

    As a guest to 2 parties there (4th and 6th bday), I think it's great. The kids take turns getting on a bike that churns to make ice cream and they do get a kick out of that. Then they make a craft to take home with them (one party was a place mat and the other was a canvas mini tote) And of course they get the delicious ice cream and a waffle. What's not to like? There is a play kitchen and some little toys in the party room that seems to entertain the kids in between activities. Enjoy :)
  • Looking for kids' party venue w/ tons of natural light

    Ample Hills on Nevins Street. (November 2014)
  • Re: Birthday party at Ample Hills

    We had my son's 4th birthday &gloves it. The ice cream takes a while to be ready to eat. The staff is very helpful and we just attended another party there was great. (November 2014)
  • ISO: Ice cream cakes

    recommended without full review.
  • Re: Need recommendation for a cake

    We got our cake at Ample Hill Ice Creamery, it was the most delicious cake I have every had.
  • (no subject)

    We held my daughter's 8th birthday at Ample Hills Creamery and it was fabulous! The kids were able to ride the store's custom-made bike to mix up their own batch of ice cream, which they then had with an array of yummy toppings. They also made terrific laminated placemats with photos, sequins, stickers, etc. We brought in pizza from Amorina for the kids to have for lunch. Brian, the owner, is incredibly nice and very accommodating. Highly recommended!
  • (no subject)

    Name of Party: Ice cream for breakfast Address: Vanderbilt avenue LIKES: Great staff, great space, yummy ice cream, fun activity and party favor. Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Highly Recommend (2012 Birthday Party Survey)