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  • Bathroom remodel -- recommendations and advice?Bathroom remodel -- recommendations and advice?

    We used Mentor of Altina tile. He's s true gentleman.
  • Bathroom Tile Installation - Handyman?

    We have used a lovely man called Mentor for tile work in our bathroom (he also does painting and other work etc.) and a few of our other neighbors in our building have also used him. Mentor 917 692-6234
  • Bathroom Tile Installation - Handyman?

    I recommend Altina Tile care but he's a contractor, I think if all you're doing is the floor you could get by with a handyman. The worst part will be the removal of current floor tile and then hopefully your subfloor is fine and level. Provided all your water shut-offs work to get the sink and toilet out.
  • 2019 Review

    We just used Mentor to renovate our bathroom, and he did a fantastic job. It took less than 2 weeks, which we were grateful for, since it's our only bathroom. He does all the tiling himself, and is meticulous with the work, keeping the work space very clean. Would highly recommend him.
  • Re: ISO: Some one to re-tile bathroom floor

    Recommended without full review
  • contractor recommendation

    Recently, Mentor Frangu (Altina Tile Care, phone 917 692 6234) completed a complete renovation of my bathroom. It was the best experience I've had with a contractor. Mentor and his team were diligent, punctual and a delight to work with. Mentor has great integrity; he does top-notch work and isn't thrown by the surprises that can pop up in a 100-year-old building. And his fees are very reasonable. He had done some work in my neighborhood and was happy to show me a recent project. The enthusiastic recommendations I had read from previous clients turned out to be spot-on.
  • Review

    Mentor Frangu is not only one of the loveliest people I’ve known but as a contractor he is highly skilled, responsible, honest and always goes above and beyond what is asked of him. Mentor was hired for a major renovation for a duplex in Park Slope and he was easily able to do all the plumbing, the electrical, the tile work as well as the construction and carpentry. Mentor is a perfectionist and won’t give up on a problem until he can solve it. His workers are topnotch, hardworking and skilled in tiling and construction. He worked well with the architect and designer who both grew to respect and depend on him. His rates were extremely fair. Mentor and his workers brought energy and good humor to the job and I recommend him without exception.
  • (no subject)

    I recently hired Mentor to remove my old counter-top, do some tiling, and make some repairs. He surprised me by doing more than expected, was very accommodating, willing to do more than asked, and did quality work at a reasonable price. I found him to be very honest. He acted like a friend and I was very glad to have found him after having three brushes with incompetents. He was the only one who told me I needed "bullnoses" for the tiling. My incompetent second contractor ordered three times the number of tiles I needed for a small kitchen job. I found Mentor through Park Slope Parents, although the reviews were old. So here's a new one. (March, 2010)