Alstede Farms (Strawberries & Apples)
Alstede Farms (Strawberries & Apples)


We found that the closest is in New Jersey near historic Chester town. It is one hour away.

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  • ISO: Apple Picking venues for kids

    More recently went to Alstede Farms in NJ (we were last there in June 2021 for strawberry picking and picked apples in 2020) about an hour & 15 min from Brooklyn. They have a lot of kid-friendly activities like maze, pony rides, petting zoo and good food/ice cream, often live music too.
  • Question re: Apple Picking w/ Kids

    We've gone to Asltede Farms in NJ a few times--about an hour & 15 min from Brooklyn. They're fun because they have a lot of other kid activities like corn maze, pony rides, petting zoo, etc. We did find the prices to be a bit high compared to the size of the bags they give you for apples in particular last time we went, which was around 2 years ago. We've picked other things there too like strawberries and blueberries.
  • Best orchards for apple picking

    Chiming in to say that we went to Alstede Farms in NJ last fall and while I am all for supporting farmers and farms, I was shocked at how much they charged for everything. It’s also a bit of a traffic/parking nightmare around their farm and orchard and the chaos lead to the tragic death of a child in 2014 when she was crushed between two of their shuttle buses. After our visit, I did some digging about Alstede because between the insanely high prices and the circus like atmosphere I was curious what the deal was with the family and I was disappointed to find out they are major Republican Party donors including Trump campaigns. I felt doubly stung to be overcharged for every single thing there and to know my money for apple picking and hay rides and petting zoos helped fund Trump and many NJ Republican representatives. We won’t be going back.
  • Best orchards for apple picking

    I wanted to follow up on this to say that on any given year I love Alstede in New Jersey and have replied to posts like this multiple times recommending them but I was very disappointed to find out that they are charging $20 per person ages 2 and up plus extra $$ for things like the pony rides, sunflowers, etc. I know that small businesses are struggling right now so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt but, even as much as I love them, I sadly can't justify $80 for apple picking for my family of four.
  • Best orchards for apple picking

    We went to Alstede Farms in NJ last weekend and had a bad experience. As far as apple picking, the written signs were incredibly confusing- it was super hard to understand where to go for ripe apples. And the veggie selection, which the website said was good that day, was actually awful. We paid a lot of money for a large box that we barely filled. It's also not explained to you that squash blossoms and little pumpkins cost extra, so you'll learn that after you've picked them and are ready to head out! And then to top it off, the cashier at the concession stand had a mask dangling under his nose. Oh, and the place is big, if you want to take their transport around the property, beware that despite the signs, in practice there is no distancing going on in the truck wagon. I wrote a complaint email and if I head back anything that changes my review I will update this. But for now, this was our unfortunate experience!
  • Apple picking- have you been to Alstede or Terhune Orchard (or others?)

    We had a good time on Saturday night at Alstede's Harvest Moon hayride, from 6-10 pm. They had a good 3-piece band, campfire, and smores for sale. The corn maze is fun at night with flashlights but make sure you get out before it closes since it can be rather tricky finding the exit! :). Ask the band to play "Harvest Moon" (Neil Young) and it will. But Alstetde's apple picking is expensive at $15 each (plus the apples you pick at $2+ per pound) so the next day we went to Wightman's farm about 15 minutes away in Morristown and they were only $7 each for admission (same price per pound). Lots of apples still on the trees if you go deep enough into the grove.
  • [PSP Dads Group] Apple Picking

    We've gone apple picking the last couple of years at Alstede Farms ( They're not too close, it's about an hour & a half drive, but the place is huge and has a lot of other activities and a variety of things to pick. One major plus was that last year we went late in the season, mid-October, and they still had plenty of apples, where most of the other local orchards were running low or done completely.
  • [PSPCookingGroup] What are the best apples for Apple Pie?

    We just spent a few hours at Alstede in NJ, and they had tons of apples with more coming in. Also pumpkins, peppers, flowers, and more. It was a bit of a zoo in the kid area, but the apple picking was good. Lots of different kinds, too. We also got two really nice pumpkins. And yummy cider donuts and squash at the store there.
  • Pumpkin Patches and Apple Picking

    It's not North but I HIGHLY recommend Alstede Farm near Chester, NJ. It's our go to and has it all.
  • Alstede Farm on the weekends?

    I have been to this farm on the weekend many times and it is usually crowded. However, I noticed ever since they raised their admission prices this year the crowds are not as bad. We do try to go in the morning though.
  • Strawberry/blueberry picking - Thank you and Summary

    I took my boys to Alstede Farms in NJ few weeks ago. It is a little over an hour from park slope. They have a lot of other activities for the kids as well (July 2014)
  • Re: Strawberry/blueberry picking?

    I liked Alstede Farms in NJ last year, in addition to pick your own there are farm animals and a farm store (highly recommend the salsa!). However, last year we were able to go when PYO fees were waived (tues and Wed morning, I think? But would check the website). Otherwise there is a fee of $5 per person over 2, though it includes a coupon (for $2 I think) to apply to the fruit you pick. I'm finding the fee a bit annoying as this year I want to go on another day! So would love to hear about other places people like, please post to list. Bonus points for northern NJ or lower Westchester, trying to do this with a friend and have it not be a crazy drive for either of us!
  • Re: pumpkin picking

    Alstede farms in NJ has amazing pumpkin picking and a great hayride out to the patches. There's a petting zoo and a great HUGE haystack for climbing. A warning, though- bring your own lunch. The food was just terrible. Otherwise, we had a really positive experience there. The farm gets some negative reviews since a lot of the activities cost extra. I agree, it was a bit of a scam, but we just ignored those and enjoyed the haystack, animals and pumpkins. And I have to say, having gone pumpkin picking a lot, these patches are exceptionally beautiful and very removed from the main road. You feel very isolated in the best possible way. Have fun!
  • Re: Help me find the perfect Apple picking spot?

    We went to Alstede Farms yesterday in Chester, NJ. It took an hour and 15 to get there from North Slope via Staten Island, and I highly recommend! They had Pick your own: apples, pumpkins, tomatoes, green beans, raspberries, eggplants, and others. There we also bunnies, chickens, goats, sheep, cows, horses, ducks and a peacock, and a little shed filled with dried feed corn and toys for kids to play in. They also had hayrides to the various fields, a hay pyramid to climb, and a corn maze, as well as a shop with home made treats, including the requisite apple cider donuts and hot apple cider, as well as homemade ice cream and a large selection if produce. The entire place was very picturesque, and best yet it is open weekdays!!! We went on a Monday early afternoon, and there was only one other family in the hayride with us, and about 5 in the huge pumpkin patch when we were there.... Very peaceful! There is a $5 entry fee per person (under 2 free) to pick your own, and I think things can get pricey a d crowded on the weekends, but weekdays this is the way to go!! :)
  • Re: Apple picking w/ tons of activities (corn maze, pony rides, etc...

    I went there last year with my 4 year old and his best friend, and they loved it, but I thought it was a bit over-hyped. I am not sure I'd bother bringing a toddler - I think it's more for the older kids who can do the corn maze etc.
  • Re: Apple picking w/ tons of activities (corn maze, pony rides, etc.

    recommend Alstede Farms. if you want an apple picking place with a lot of kid activities: We went yesterday. Pony rides, huge corn maze, farm animals, bouncy houses, hayride, wagon tractor ride, fire truck , homemade ice cream, etc Oh, also, apple picking (there were about 7 varieties), pick your own raspberries, blueberries, corn, green beans, potatoes etc. It's nicely organized and there are plenty of low fruits for the little ones. Tip: bring your own cloth bags or similar for picking. My kids loved it and we've been to many different pick your own farms / orchards. Every Fri & Sat night in Oct. they have a Harvest Moon Hayride & Night Time Corn Maze. Camp fire. They say to bring your own flashlights for the maze. We haven't done the night time festivities since we just found out about it when we were there but plan to soon….
  • Re: Apple picking w/ tons of activities (corn maze, pony rides, etc.

    I lived right near Alstede Farms for several years, and my parents still live there. We’ve brought my daughter (now 2.5 years) a few times and she’s had a blast. I’m not wholly on board with the vibe there (management is a bit surly), but for young kids I think it’s very fun.
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