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Alpine Cinemas


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Reviews (3)

  • Help - 9 y.o. brithday party ideas for end January!

    An affordable winter party option we recently discovered is Alpine Cinemas in Bay Ridge -- right off the R train . For about $250 you get 20 tickets, popcorn and drinks, and an hour in their party space where you can bring your own food. Additional guests are $9 each. You can choose from the movies that are released at the time of the event -- they can adjust showing times to some degree. It's an independent cinema, and very easy going so if you go that route, just be aware they wont' even necessarily ask for a deposit nevermind a contract... and sometimes they can't guarantee movie times more than a week in advance, but we just had a birthday party there and it was a great success!
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 11 Venue Review: I chose to just rent the little room off to the side of the theater (not very private) and paid for the movie ticket for the kids. We bought combos of popcorn and sodas for the kids and brought smaller bags to put popcorn in so every kid had their own. The room was not clean when we arrived so I asked for some spray and paper towels which they gave to me and offered to do the clean-up but I had time and didn't mind doing it myself. I ordered pizza from a nearby pizzeria and had it delivered when the movie was supposed to end. It was an easy, no frills party but fine for my 11 year old. They have a few arcade games which the kids enjoyed playing.
  • Re: I am DONE with the Pavilion- alpine in bay ridge

    I can also recommend the alpine at 69th (bay ridge ave) and 5th ave in bay ridge as a non-chain theater that tries to make its customers happy. they also are a fantastic value for birthday parties as they have a small party room that is a perfect size for the non-movie part of the party (serving cake etc) and don't overcharge for the package (probably a little-known "value" birthday party option for a movie party) It used to be rundown but is much more lovely now - ok the sound quality can't match the sheepshead bay imax and there is no dedicated parking lot but parking can be had within a few blocks