Alicia Allison
Alicia Allison


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Reviews (3)

  • Postpartum Doula Recommendation?

    Alicia Allison I worked with for both of my children/ she Is an amazing chef and offers cooking meals as part of her services. I wish she could move in with us :)
  • Postpartum Chef

    Alicia Allison, Postpartum Chef. We had Alicia come to cook healing and nourishing food for us in our home once a week for the first 5 weeks postpartum. I am so glad we did this - I don't know how I would have gotten through that first month without our kitchen being stocked with some of the most delicious home cooked food I've ever had (and I am very particular about what I consider really good quality cooking). In addition to being a chef she is also an herbalist and her cooking is inspired by Ayurvedic traditions so it is healing in addition to delicious! And, since she is also a postpartum doula she was totally comfortable being in a postpartum home shortly after a birth so you don't have to feel awkward walking around half naked and breastfeeding or that your home is a mess, etc - she totally gets it and it is so comfortable to have her in your space - I loved the days she was here cooking because just the smells of the food was healing and comforting and her presence was caring and never intrusive. I can't recommend Alicia highly enough! Based on a June 2017 experience
  • Shout-out: Postpartum chef, doula, herbalist

    hout-out to a really fabulous postpartum doula / chef Alicia Allison. Before the birth of my second I wanted to line up support mainly with food preparation and found Alicia. I just finished my first 40 days postpartum and it's made all the difference. She follows ayurvedic postpartum traditions and cooks delicious and nutritious meals. She's also a herbalist which means lots of healing herbal infusions to go with all the food! I can't recommend her highly enough! And a recent article featuring her work: