Alexandra Blanchard, CD, CBC - Moon Child Doula
Alexandra Blanchard, CD, CBC - Moon Child Doula


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  • Recs for Postpartum Doula?

    I loved my doula: Alexandra Blanchard - Moon Child Doula: She was a total pleasure to work with and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat
  • Alexandra Blanchard, CD, CBC - Moon Child Doula

    Allie was our birth and postpartum doula and I highly recommend her! I felt that we had a close long term relationship with Allie through prenatal virtual sessions, in-person birth support, and postpartum visits. She is extremely knowledgable and professional, as evidenced by her informative prenatal sessions. She has a calming presence and flexible approach. For birth support, Allie did everything I would have wanted and more despite the fact that she couldn't be in the OR with us due to an emergency C-section. The postpartum visits were perhaps my favorite. As new parents, the amount of newborn advice was overwhelming at times. Allie helped us connect the dots through our various support providers and offered so many helpful tips that were catered to our child's needs. I can't recommend her enough - she went above and beyond our expectations!
  • Postpartum Doula Recommendation?

    Allie Blanchard of Moon Child Doula was truly wonderful!
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Allie was the post-partum doula and I DID really need her. She couldn't come in person which was a super bummer. But her virtual meetings with me were like therapy and I really really appreciated them. She talked me through the emotional parts of being a new mom, plus breast feeding, baby care. When to up the size of your diapers, stuff like that that seems totally overwhelming when you're doing it for the first time.