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Alden Moves


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Reviews (3)

  • Review from the 2020 Summer Camp Survey

    Age of child: 8 Comment: Camp took place at the dance studio, which was large enough for social distancing and also has outdoor space. The kids learned two different Broadway songs, did choreography, made costumes and masks and had a performance on the last day. My daughter loved ALL of it Anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it you'd like to add? The camp required every kid and family to get a Covid test, they wore masks unless eating, they did temperature checks, they had stations that were 6 feet apart and they didn't share materials
  • Dance class

    My daughter (3 1/2 ) and I go to Alden Moves (1203 Church Ave) for Toddler Tuesday’s with Miss Danielle. She loves it! Danielle is great with the children. It’s a combo of dance, sing and a little free play at the end. You can drop in, but lately the classes have been filling up so it’s best to sign up online a day or two before. You can find more info on their site below:
  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    My kid had a fine time, but I'm not sure it was really worth it. A lot of the teaching went way over her head--talking about post-modern dance innovations (rather than having her move around to explore space in a post-modern way.) I was a little underwhelmed--there didn't seem to be much in the way of either process or product, so I'm not sure what the goals were.