Windsor Dentistry
Windsor Dentistry


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Reviews (8)

  • ISO of a dentist recommendation

    WE love Windsor Dentistry-
  • ISO Dentist for implant/ crown

    I love Windsor Dentistry in Windsor Terrace for dental work.
  • Dentist Recommendation

    We’ve been going to Windsor Dentistry for about 15 years and we are very happy with their work and totally trust them. My 2 kids go there too.
  • Dentist in park slope

    I LOVE and have been using Dr. Heffez and Dr. Lombardo at Windsor Dentistry for about ten years. It’s a wonderful family owned practice. I have major dentist phobia and they actually make me love going to the dentist. Technically it’s in Windsor Terrace, not park slope, but it’s very close and worth the travel!
  • ISO Adult Dentist Recommedation

    I highly recommend Windsor Dentistry! Dr. Heffez & Dr. Lombardo. I've been going there for years, and could not ask for a better dentist! They're amazing.
  • Re: Dentist?

    I second this dentist office - they are great!
  • Re: Dentist?

    Windsor Dentistry on 10th avenue is amazing. Dr Lombardo is the best dentist and her husband Dr Heffez also is terrific. I take my kids there too.
  • (no subject)

    we LOVE Dr. Heffez at Windsor Dentistry. He and his wife, Dr. Lombardo are calm, gentle, and though not strictly a pediatric office are both amazing with kids. (May 2012)