Aire Ancient Baths
Aire Ancient Baths


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Reviews (3)

  • Day Spa recommendations

    Aire ancient baths New York is a good one. Get a massage and enjoy the salt pool (you’ll float!), hot tub, steam room and warm baths and cold plunge before and after.
  • Manhattan spa / massage reccomendation

    i’m also a big fan of Aire Ancient Spa, lots of space, good service, etc.
  • Manhattan spa / massage reccomendation

    My husband and I like Ancient Air Baths in TriBeCa. It’s very much a spa with a co Ed area with steam room, thermal pool, hot tub, salt pools. I believe 2 hours access to that area is included with treatments. Massages are very relaxing. lockers, robes, towels, slippers, shampoo, etc is all provided.