Adams & Haack Studio
Adams & Haack Studio


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Reviews (4)

  • Review from the Spring 2024 Early Education Survey

    REVIEW: At Adams and Haack, the kids spend half the day exploring Prospect Park and half the day in the studio, cooking (often with produce they've picked out at the Wednesday farmers' market), doing yoga, drawing, painting and playing in a light-filled room. My daughter has developed a different kitten crush on each teacher weekly; they are all so amazing and have supported her through huge transitions in her life. Every morning, they start school with a simple meditation, then engage in totally free, kid-led play. My daughter barely says goodbye to me anymore when I turn to leave the park at drop-off, and I feel so happy knowing that she is having such a sweet time with her friends. Because it's mixed ages, she has learned to be looked after by older kids, and is learning to look after the smaller kids, too.; Amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Afterschool pickups to other programs;
  • 3K advice/experience at Bumblebees, Parkers Place, Adams & Haack

    My kiddo loves it at Adams and Haack. He’s excited about school every morning and has volunteered that he “loves” Kaelynn, the teacher, more than me. She has a knack with them. It’s a different school experience than the traditional for sure, for the better because of the low ratio of kids to caregivers and the individualized attention the kids get because of it.
  • Summer camp for 2.5 yr olds

    I know Adams & Haack Studio really well and would absolutely recommend it. The woman who runs it, Kaelynn, was my daughter’s preschool teacher last year before starting her own childcare group. My daughter still goes there a couple days a week for after care from kindergarten.
  • Recommending central park slope preschool

    Sending a quick shout-out for Adams and Haack Studio, a new "forest-school-type" preschool in central park slope! Kaelynn, the founder, is a lovely person and she is my daughter's current preschool teacher.