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  • Shout out: awesome acting coach for high-school auditions

    For anybody gearing up for high school auditions, wanted to give a shout-out about a terrific acting coach, Adam Grupper. Our daughter had done summer theater programs but never the kind of acting training needed to ace a competitive drama audition, so last fall we searched the PSP archives and found lots of raves for Adam. He was even better than advertised – professional, patient, kind, but always challenging our daughter to dig a little deeper to find the character. It was during the pandemic, so everything was remote, but he still found ways to connect and create a special bond. He’s a real pro with lots of Broadway shows, films, TV shows to his credit (listed on his website) but also sees acting as a vehicle for personal growth, helping a child to learn about herself, gain confidence, open up emotionally, express herself creatively, etc. These sessions were hugely helpful in getting our daughter through the pandemic. Oh, and she got into her first choice of public high schools at a time when auditions constituted 100% of the admissions criteria. Adam’s a Brooklyn dad with teenage twins, so he knows what you’re going through with this hellacious process. No affiliation, just a happy customer. adamgrupper AT gmail. 917-838-0424.
  • Q: Anyone know a drama coach for high school audition...

    My son was coached by Adam Grupper last year for his middle school auditions, and I recommend him 100%. My son had never acted before (besides minor roles in school plays), but with Adam’s help he was able to do extraordinarily well in his middle school drama auditions. He ended up with a score of 93 in the Mark Twain drama talent, which I understand would have been more than enough to make the cut, and he was also invited to a second audition at PPAS (among 100 kids out of over 1,000 children who participated in the first audition). Though my son ended up being accepted to The Anderson School for 6th grade (his 1st choice), It seems clear to me that he would have also gotten into both MT and PPAS, had he ranked them higher on his list (they were his 4th and 6th choices, respectively). I should also point out that Adam not only coached my son for acting, but also for singing and even a bit of dancing (not required for MT but part of the PPAS audition). Again, my son had never sang or danced before. Adam also went above and beyond in that he wrote an original monologue for my son for his PPAs audition. Whereas the MT audition requires all kids to do the same monologue, in PPAS each kid brings their own. The monologue that Adam wrote was perfect for my son, and showcased beautifully his main strengths as an actor. Finally, I’d like to point out that even though Anderson is not an arts school, I feel that the time my son spent with Adam was greatly valuable, well beyond drama per se. He learned very important interview skills, and also about character analysis in literature. His reading of literary texts has progressed well beyond grade level, which I largely credit to Adam’s lessons on how to figure out a character’s motivations and challenges, and the emotions that the author intends to convey. All in all, I can honestly say that my son’s lessons with Adam Grupper have helped him well beyond his very successful drama auditions, and have very positively impacted both his reading comprehension and his writing skills. I plan to go back to Adam for my son’s high school auditions, and also for a refresher of interviewing skills moving forward.
  • Shout out for local high school theater auditions coach

    I know it’s the height of prep season for high school arts auditions, so wanted to give a shout out for a great theater auditions coach, Adam Grupper. My daughter used him as a freshman last year when she auditioned for a lead role in the Brooklyn Technical High School’s production of Cinderella, a role she subsequently won. He has performed on Broadway and is very personable, great with teens and responsive. Although we have not used him for monologue coaching for high school auditions, I understand he is very experienced in helping kids with those. He can be reached via his website I have no affiliation with Adam other than being very happy with his work with my daughter. Good luck to everybody in this crazy high school hunting season!