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  • Canadian Citizenship Photos

    YES! Accurate Photoshop in South Slope. They know all the specifications. We got our kids done there and ... 18 months later ... citizenship paperwork went through :)
  • Passport photo

    I’ve gotten mine done at Accurate Photo on 5th Ave. They did a great job and it’s a family run business.
  • Accurate Photo

    I went to Accurate Photo today to take passport photos of my 8-month-old baby, and they were just wonderful! Very experienced with babies and passport photos - they were able to take a great shot in just one try, and it was quick and efficient to get it printed and ready to go. Family owned, and they were all super sweet. They also have polaroid film for sale, and frames, which I will get next time. Highly recommend - I'll be going there for my photo needs from now on!
  • Passport photo

    Accurate Photoshop on 5th and 18th! They were great.
  • Passport photo

    I can’t recommend Accurate Photoshop highly enough. It’s a family run business and they could not be nicer and more knowledgeable. It is one of those business that you want to stay around forever. I went in with my infant to get non-US sized passport pictures taken and it was a breeze and I had no trouble submitting at Consulate. They’re on 18th and 5th Ave.
  • Where can I print quality photos?

    Check out Accurate Photoshop -- a lovely couple runs it in South Slope. They mostly develop film, but I'm sure if you call them they'd do a great job printing your iPhone photos.
  • Where to get Canadian Passport photos?

    Accurate photo at 639 5th ave in south slope did a good job with my Canadian passport photos. Nice people, too.
  • Where to get Canadian Passport photos?

    Accurate Photoshop is familiar with all passport and visa regulations. They’re a family run store so that’s a bonus too!
  • Print photo duplicating

    I'd recommend Accurate Photo in South Slope on ~18th and 5th Ave. They're a small, family-owned place and we've gotten great results with prints from (older) prints from them.
  • Where to get photos printed out in PS?

    Accurate Photo on 18th street, by the corner of 5th Ave. They're super nice. You can either email the photos ahead of time or they'll print them while you wait.
  • Re: Where could I get good quality photo prints locally?

    I love accurate photo off 5th Ave in South Slope.
  • Re: [PSP] Big Rec: Accurate Photo for fast film processing, purchase

    I want to second this shout out. I was just there today for passport photos (and my kids had them done there as well). No fuss, friendly, minimal wait time, inexpensive. Accurate pharmacy on that corner is run by their son, Danny the Pharmacist, who is the BEST pharmacist ever! Definitely never going to the big chains for Rx drugs anymore.
  • Big Rec: Accurate Photo for fast film processing, purchase

    I asked about film developing in the hood and several of you recommended Accurate Photo on 18th St near the corner of 5th Ave. They are GREAT. Not only did they develop my many rolls of film in about an hour (they were busy), but the also sell Instax Fuji film, 120 (Holga) film, 35mm and waterproof disposable cameras (great for summer camp) AND they will scan your negatives and put it on a disk or thumb drive. They have been open for 28 years and are just lovely. They also do passport photos.
  • Re: Where to get passport photos?

    Go to Accurate Photo on 5th Ave and 18th St. They're super nice.
  • Where to get passport photos in Slope?

    I second Accurate. They do our American passports and Canadian document photos. They are wonderful!
  • Where to get passport photos in Slope?

    In South Slope: Accurate Photo, 5th Ave and 18th St does passport photos for ALL countries. I got different sizes done for my UK and US passport at the same time the other day.
  • ISO: Local place to print photos

    Recommended without full review
  • Re: passport photos for non-US passport

    I’m an Australian citizen and so are my kids so I have had to get several Australian passport photos taken over the years. I have since always had a great experience with Accurate Photo, which is behind Accurate Pharmacy on 5th Ave and 18th St (they just recently moved). They seem to be very experienced with taking photos for lots of different countries and I have not had a problem with any of the photos I’ve had taken there. Good luck!
  • develop disposable cameras?

    Yes! I've done a lot of quick photo printing with them recently for the end of the year school stuff and they have been great. I haven't used a disposable camera but they have a great "can do" attitude and are really quick and great! I would definitely try them.
  • develop disposable cameras?

    Try Accurate Photo – in their new location on 18th Street at Fifth Ave. They’re a great mom and pop store (literally) and if they can’t do it in-house I bet they can send it to their lab.