Accurate Pharmacy
Accurate Pharmacy


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Reviews (17)

  • ISO compounding pharmacy near South Slope?

    Accurate Pharmacy is absolutely superb. Danny, the pharmacist, treats you as family and cares deeply about each of his customers. You can not do better than this place.
  • ISO Greenwood/South Slope stores for holiday gifts

    For quick toys or nice soaps: - Accurate Pharmacy - best pharmacy in the neighborhood! Plus, has a small selection of Melissa and Doug, plus nice soaps, cards, and kid's nail polishes. Great if you need ibuprofen, toothpaste, and a few bottles of Dr. Bronner's soap (a great stocking stuffer!) (5th Ave at 18th)
  • Notary Public Recommendations

    Danny at Accurate pharmacy 18th & 5th. He's basically everything/ every role :)
  • Where to print documents?

    I print at Accurate pharmacy. I just email my docs to Danny and he prints.
  • 2018 Review

    We love Accurate pharmacy in south slope. Danny, the owner and pharmacist is very thorough and always extremely friendly. He will often text that our precipitation is ready within a few minutes of the Dr sending it in.
  • ISO Notary available on Sundays

    Danny, the owner of Accurate Pharmacy on the corner of 5th Ave. & 18th St. in South Slope, is a notary. He is open on Sundays.
  • Shout Out to Accurate Pharmacy and Owner Danny

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Accurate Pharmacy. Since moving to Park Slope a year ago, my husband and I have gone to Danny for our prescription medication needs as well as various odds and ends. Danny is very knowledgeable and friendly. We simply text him when we need a refill. Now our insurance is refusing to cover our medications unless we order them through the mail order service. We are pretty disappointed, but will continue to go to Accurate when we can.
  • Shout Out to Accurate Pharmacy and Owner Danny

    I second the shout out about Danny. He's so kind and wonderful. His pharmacy is always well stocked. And he's a ups access point which makes it super easy to receive my packages. 639 5th Ave and 19th St If you live in the neighborhood you should totally check his store out. Happy shooing!
  • Shout Out to Accurate Pharmacy and Owner Danny

    I couldn't agree more! I love Accurate Pharmacy and Danny. He's also a notary and does vision tests for the DMV, which makes renewing your driver's license simple and fast.
  • Re: Need Notary Wed. AM early

    Yes! You can see Danny at Accurate Pharmacy at 18th St and 5th ave
  • Shout Out for Accurate Pharmacy

    I agree. I really like them, and like having a pharmacy on this side of the neighborhood. Only challenge is the hours - a couple of times I've wanted to go after work and they have been closed. But i will go there when they are open for sure. (Reviewed March 2015)
  • Shout Out for Accurate Pharmacy

    I'm actually there this very moment and was just thinking about writing a shout out for this local gem. This place is great. Prices are great too! Please support this new place! (Reviewed March 2015)
  • Shout Out for Accurate Pharmacy

    I've spoken to the owner and he's very receptive to community feedback (like staying open later into the evening, they currently close at 7 or 8pm) He also tries to stock items the area uses frequently, often at a slight discount to surrounding stores (Rite Aid etc) Please support this local biz (no affiliation) (Reviewed March 2015)
  • Shout Out for Accurate Pharmacy

    I completely agree!! They have saved me a few times with personal and kind service! I called right at closing to plead them to stay open when I needed butterfly stitch band aids. (Little bro hit big bro with the side of a plastic toolbox)! They stayed open and had it ready at the door when I (ran) over. They are also very open to product suggestions, and carry a great selection of organic/green items. It's a great place for those of us south of Prospect ave. (Reviewed March 2015)
  • Shout Out for Accurate Pharmacy

    I second the shout out for Accurate! (No affiliation either.) (Reviewed March 2015)
  • Shout Out for Accurate Pharmacy

    I just wanted to give a shoutout to a new(ish) pharmacy in South Slope/Greenwood. Accurate Pharmacy is a small, family run place on 5th and 18th and they are really wonderful. The pharmacist there goes above and beyond, even so far as texting me about the medication that I'm on in regards to its effects on my breastfeeding daughter. They also are really quick at filing prescriptions and super friendly to boot. They also do DMV eye tests which I can attest was the quickest and easiest (and cheapest) way to get that part of my license renewal. I can't recommend them enough. (No affiliation, just really really happy customer.) Let's keep it local and make sure they stay in business! (Reviewed March 2015)
  • New pharmacy and south slope!!

    I wanted to give a shout out to a new pharmacy in South slope on 18th St. and fifth Avenue. Accurate Pharmacy. I have absolutely no affiliation other than just moving into the neighborhood and finding them so accommodating, extremely friendly and helpful. They truly are the mom-and-pop experience they are a husband-and-wife team. It seems if they don't have something they will get it for you by the next day. Also their prices are really good. Just wanted to spread the word and help one new neighbor from another new neighbor.