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  • A Playdate Everyday

    A Playdate Everyday has been such an amazing program for my pre-k daughter. She attended K280 this year, and I initially chose A Playdate Everyday as I specifically wanted her to focus on social skills. As we all know, this year has been so incredibly complicated and unsettling. Ms. Jenny and her staff have been a source of positivity and care for the children while also staying patient and flexible with the parents. Speaking for myself, I was frequently worried about so many aspects of the situation: ranging from COVID related concerns to weather conditions and scheduling around hybrid settings. Those concerns were completely resolved by the daily smile on my daughter’s face and the clear communication I received. Ms. Jenny brings so many talents to lessons with the children. Besides modeling an open and tolerant environment for the kids to emulate, my daughter and her friends learned quality songs and stories about common social issues and scenarios. At the end, the children put on an end of year presentation with collaboration based artwork, music, and even magic tricks. I left that afternoon feeling so happy about her personal growth as well as her ability to connect and play with a variety of children. I cannot recommend Ms. Jenny and her program highly enough.
  • Playdate every day

    I'd like to share a strong recommendation and shout out to the after-school program at K280, called A Playdate Everyday. My daughter attended it this past school year and absolutely loved it. For her, this after school program was as an integral part of her k280 experience and she really looked forward to it. It also seamlessly blended into her equally amazing and positive k280 experience/ overall school philosophy. It's a really great program that builds on social-emotional skills through stories, songs, puppet shows and of course play, which they do both structured and unstructured, in groups of varying sizes.
  • Recommending A Playdate Everyday, an after-school program at K280

    Just wanted to second this recommendation. It’s a great after school option. One of the many many reasons I (and my son) have loved our year at K280.
  • Recommending A Playdate Everyday, an after-school program at K280

    100 percent agree with all of the praise for a Play date Everyday. It is a wonderful program that fosters social skills. We felt lucky that our kids had such a developmentally appropriate program when they went to K280 two years ago. Jenny, the program founder, also gave the most helpful and perceptive updates at parent/teacher conferences!
  • Recommending A Playdate Everyday, an after-school program at K280

    Wanted to give a shout out to the after-school program that my daughter attends at K280 – it’s called A Playdate Everyday. Simply put, I couldn’t be happier. For parents of kids going to pre-k who will attend K280 next school year, Playdate Everyday is one of the ON-SITE after-school choices at K280 and I highly recommend it. Jenny, who leads the program, is incredible. She’s thoughtful, caring, creative, energetic, and so patient and calm when the moments call for it. And the staff she has hired to support the program and care for the kiddos embody those characteristics as well. The theme of building social skills is interwoven throughout the program – which I just love. Think: how to invite a friend to play, how to play in a trio so no one feels left out, what to do if you feel shy, and how to start a conversation with someone. They learn all about this through skits that the teachers put on each day as a way to start off the afternoon. The kids get plenty of outdoor time as well as indoor playtime and snacks! My daughter has learned new songs, made exciting art, and has learned some sign language…and most importantly made plenty of new friends. In the fall, they held a parent social at which the kids performed songs and parents got to mingle and meet, and just last month they held a collaborative art show where the kids got to show and talk about the artwork they made with a partner. I had a hard time picking an after-school program bc, frankly, I wanted to be able to pick her up myself, but my work schedule wouldn’t allow for that. So I needed a place she could go and be happy for a few more hours. This program has exceeded my expectations and we feel so lucky to have found it. You know you’ve found a good one when you arrive to pick up your child and they want to play for 10 more minutes :-)
  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    She loved the staff. They were amazing! She also liked the field trips which were to local businesses in South & Center Slope. She also loved the daily trips to Harmony Playground. The camp is simple (no trips to Fire Island or fancy projects)—But it has a lot of heart! I wish more families knew about it! There were only about 15-20 kids and it would have been even more fun with more.
  • 2018 Review

    My daughter (5 years old) started Pre-K for the 2017-2018 school year at K-280 and attended Playdate Everyday 3x per week (MThF). I loved the Play Date Every Day program so much that I signed my daughter up for their summer camp for 7 weeks. Almost every day when I picked her up at K-280, my daughter would tell me she did not want to leave Playdate! Most of her new best friends she has met through this program and we’ve had several playdates on weekends with them. I believe my daughter’s social skills have vastly improved because of this program. She has learned to share more, include others in playing, be sensitive to other children and be more helpful. The staff is also amazing. I feel at ease when I am at work, knowing my daughter is in a safe, highly supervised but also fun environment after-school. I am truly impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, patience and warmth of the teachers in this program. I highly recommend Playdate!
  • 2018 Review

    We had a wonderful experience there and the approach allows kids to wind down a bit after the pre-K day, connects them with new kids and has a strong focus on supporting the kids’ social and emotional development. I was also impressed that there was little if no turnover. My last contribution is the staff and the program director are incredibly thoughtful, responsive and work with he Parents to ensure the kids have a supportive experience.