Everybody Eats
Everybody Eats


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Reviews (3)

  • ISO recommendation for local gluten free bakery - celiac friendly

    Everybody Eats on 3rd Ave and Carroll is fantastic. Most things you get are frozen, but they thaw very well and are delicious. It is entirely a GF bakery. I can't speak 100% to the celiac question, but I think it should be fine.
  • ISO - RE a for Gluten free thanksgiving catering or restaurant?

    One place to consider for any baked goods (breads and desserts) is Everybody Eats ( -- my wife and I have ordered from them many times. (November 2019)
  • Gluten Free 1st Birthday Cake

    Also, there’s Everybody Eats Bakery in Gowanus. They are a dedicated gluten free bakery:)