Piano Tuning

Background on how often you should tune your paino:

--It varies based on multiple factors. Depending on how old your
piano is, how often you play it, the tuner himself. I pay anywhere
from $75-$200, and typically get it done twice a year.

--Piano maintenance does not depend on the brand. Tuners usually
have flat rates per tuning and then charge extra if there are
structural adjustments to be done. Provided your piano is in good
shape, you tune it twice or (more realistically) once a year and
expect to spend anywhere from $75-125 unless you get someone really
cheap and I wouldn't recommend that. It's very important not to keep
your instrument next to a heating source

--That really depends. In general, you should tune your piano with
each change of season - but if part of the piano like the soundboard
is cracked (which is fairly common in older pianos), you would need
to tune it more often and possibly repair it. How often your piano
goes out of tune also depends on the humidity conditions of the
house/apartment and the room it's living in. Piano tuners range
anywhere from $75 on up to around $200 for a tuning, plus the cost of
repairs, if necessary. In any case, if you get one I would
definitely hire a piano tuner to go with you and check to make sure
that the soundboard isn't cracked - that can be an expensive, and
necessary, repair.


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