Stuffed Animals

Please clean your stuffed animals before donating if possible (and mark that they've been cleaned). Here's the PSP GUIDE TO CLEANING STUFFED ANIMALS.

In addition to the places listed below, tou can find places to donate practically anything (and see which organizations pick up) on the City’s website and app:

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Total Reviews:  1
Street:  PO Box 234
City:  Lozano
State:  Texas
Zip Code:  78568
Total Reviews:  2

Go to website and type in your zip code, nearest GOODWILL location will pop up.

Total Reviews:  4
Street:  P.O. Box 573
City:  Leesburg
State:  Ohio
Zip Code:  45135
Phone:  937-763-0527
Total Reviews:  11
Street:  153 East 3rd Street
City:  Brooklyn
State:  NY
Zip Code:  11218
Phone:  718-436-5163
Neighborhood:  Windsor Terrace