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Total Reviews:  1
Street:  490 Third Street,
City:  Brooklyn,
State:  New York
Zip Code:  11215
Phone:  (718) 788-6986
Neighborhood:  Park Slope
Total Reviews:  9
Street:  936 Broadway
City:  New York, NY
Phone:  212-879-4900
Neighborhood:  Manhattan

Offers family and couples therapy at their institute, as well as referral to Ackerman trained therapists.

Total Reviews:  1
Street:  137 E 36th St
City:  New York
State:  NY
Zip Code:  10016
Phone:  (212) 686-6886
Neighborhood:  Murray Hill
Total Reviews:  12
Street:  669 President Street
Phone:  (718) 638-9444
Neighborhood:  Park Slope

$5 off on a conference call workshop (from the fee chosen from the sliding scale rates)

Total Reviews:  1
Street:  1 Park Ave
City:  New York
State:  NY
Zip Code:  10016
Phone:  (646) 754-4870
Neighborhood:  Midtown Manhattan