Park Slope Rock School
Park Slope Rock School


PS RS: Park Slope Rock School is now accepting students for its Spring semester starting in January. A recent addition to the Park Slope community, PS RS organizes its curriculum around the basics of playing and performing rock music, with additional lessons on rhythm, chord progressions, improvisation and songwriting. Weekly band rehearsals provide an excellent forum for the students to engage with each other in a positive and fun environment and additional small group lessons focus on more specific music theory and instrument technique. Our semester also includes master classes, photo shoots, recording session and a rockin\' final performance! For more information, please contact Jason at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Brooklyn Music Factory vs. Brooklyn School of Rock

    I hate to make your search harder, not easier, but my son has been making music and songwriting with Park Slope Rock School for several years now, and we love it. He has blossomed as a performer. (We also take private base and guitar lessons from the program director, who is excellent.) It's a fun, positive, low-stress, high-energy program-- I suggest you check it out, too!
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    Highest recommendation for the Park Slope Rock School. Our daughter has been in the school for several years and loves it. The kids learn not only to cover songs from other bands, but to write their own music. At the end of a semester, they play at cool venues like Rockwood Music Hall and they even go to a recording studio to record and mix a few songs. They group the kids according to experience/ skill level from total beginner to fairly advanced. The teachers there are just superlative. We're fortunate to have this great school in the neighborhood! They have a website and the Jason runs the school: August 2012