Nonprofit Resources

Here are a list of resources PSP members have found helpful for their Non Profit Organizations.

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Resources for Your Non Profit

Legal Help for Non Profits

Where to Look for a Non Profit Job

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Resources for Your Non Profit


The Non Profit Help Desk:

The Non Profit Help Desk are a great organization to help your non profit.

The Nonprofit Help Desk (Helping you do good, better...) The NPHD was created in 1992 at the urging of the commissioner of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, who saw the need for technical assistance to strengthen nonprofit organizations throughout New York City.

Here is what the Non Profit Help Desk can offer you:

Financial Services: From basic bookkeeping to advanced automated accounting

Fundraising: From developing a fundraising strategic plan to coaching on relationship building and donor cultivation to the fundraising/program connection

Human Resources: From interpersonal skills and negotiation to HR management and staffing

Leadership and Organizational Development: From governance, mission and strategy to managing change

Marketing Communications: From website development to brochures, one-pagers, newsletters and social media

Program Development: From establishing goals to program design to goal-based program evaluation. 

Technology: From setting up computers and securing them electronically to selecting and implementing software to website development


Legal Help for Non Profits


Here are member suggestions for legal help for non profits:

"Lawyers Alliance in Manhattan will connect you with a firm that provides pro bono services.  The Alliance also offers informative classes.  It's a process that takes a bit of time.

"You may wanna reach out to Priori Legal. They primarily focus on startups."

"I have heard that Brooklyn Law School sometimes takes these on as pro bono projects. I don’t know much more than that, but if you are looking for low cost, can’t get much lower than free."

"Have you checked out lawyers alliance? They are a great organization that hooks up qualifying nonprofits with pro bono legal services for incorporation, tax exempt status, corporate governance, compliance with the new NY laws, employment issues, etc.  They also have fantastic free/low-cost trainings & workshops for nonprofits on a range of issues."


Where to Look for a Non Profit Job


Looking to hire or searching yourself?  Here are PSP Member recommendations for where to go.

Commongood Careers  


Philanthropy New York

New York Non Profit Press

City Limits

Foundation Center