Advice for Helping Your Partner Return to Work After Maternity/ Parental Leave

One dad's awesome advice for how he and his transitioned into working life after maternity leave.


 "Going back to work after parental leave can be really tough stuff. My wife and I each had 12 weeks off and had a hard time going back. Everyone is different but here are a few things you could try to ease her into work. Some of these things may not be possible; it depends on where she works and how flexible they are.

  • If she can, have her go back to work mid-week. It's much easier on the first day knowing you only have a half a week in front of you. 
  • The first day back can be especially hard. If she can, have her take a half day. My old employer, Google, just implemented a policy where parents coming back from leave can work 50% the first two weeks and get paid in full. I hope more employers realize how tough it can be going back to work. 
  • Send her photos and videos of the baby and you throughout the day, while she's gone. My wife really appreciated those little photos. 
  • Give her a framed photo for her desk on the day she goes back.
  • Visit her for lunch with the baby the first week, if you're up for that. 
  • Let her know that it gets better. The first day can be hard for sure. But everyday I was back at work it got a little easier. Just keep reminder he of that.
  • Also, remind her that you'll be there taking care of the baby. My wife found comfort in the fact that I was home with the baby and it wasn't someone we didn't know well or daycare taking care of the baby. It's a blessing that both of you have time with the baby!
  • If she is having a lot of anxiety, she may wan to consider seeing a therapist to get some relief. And continue talking about it with you or other friends / family that she's close with.
  • Make sure you talk through how she'll get good amounts of baby time after work and on the weekends. Save or plan out to have bath time be time with mama every night."


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