This section discusses the issues and topics that mothers face in the workplace.


Would you keep the job you have now if you didn't have kids?

Would you keep the job you have now if you didn't have kids?


Work, Pregnancy, and Complications

What to do when work is complicated, your pregnancy is complicated, and life just feels complicated. PSP members share their advice and experiences about navigating their employer, emotions, and the law.


What You Need To Know About The NYC Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

The NYC Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a recent piece of workplace discrimination legislation that now explicitly requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation to workers who are pregnant, recovering from childbirth, nursing or have a pregnancy-relation condition.


Know Your Rights Resources: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Beyond

What are your rights at work, including FMLA, breastfeeding, pregnancy discrimination and beyond! Here are some resources.

Structuring Parental Leave: Creative Ideas from PSP Working Parents

Partnered, working, and expecting a baby? You and your partner may be asking yourself about the best way to structure your parental leave. The answer depends on a number of factors, including your desire to postpone starting daycare/hiring a nanny; how much leave each of you can take; and whether you have family members or friends who can help out.

Below, hear from PSP members on the realities of various leave structures and what worked for them!

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Frozen Breast Milk: Shipping and Traveling With it

PSP members share advice about frozen breast milk, from shipping it to packing and traveling with it.