Working Parents

Do you have Work/Life Balance? If you don't, then check out this section and help keep the mayhem at bay.

We also have a great set of Work/Life Balance Tips that were posted to our Career Networking group.


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Tips for Planning and Negotiating your Parental/ Maternity Leave

Here is your go-to guide for planning your parental leave. This article is based on member stories, the perspective of experienced professionals, and careful research by PSP.



Parental Leave and Beyond

So you’re finally on parental leave with your new baby. YAY! Here are some tips to make the time less stressful and more fun as well as hopping back on board when you return to work.



Advice on How to Structure Parental Leave

Wondering how to structure parental leave with your partner? Here, PSP members from the PSP Working Moms group talk about how they structured family leave.

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A Guide to Paid Family Leave Policies for New York State Employers

New York, December 29, 2017– The New York City Bar Association has issued a resource guide for New York State employers on the recently enacted New York State Paid Family Leave Benefits Law (NYSPFL). Effective January 1, 2018, all eligible employees will be entitled to Paid Family Leave, which will improve families’ ability to care for themselves and their families without compromising their economic security by increasing both the number of weeks of leave employees are entitled to take and the amount of benefits they will receive while on leave.



Freelancers Tips and Tricks

For all the wonderful aspects of freelancing life, there are just as many challenges: getting paid on time, dealing with difficult clients, navigating your own health insurance, and more. Here are some tips and tricks from some of our members who freelance.


If you haven't already, join PSP Career Networking to be part of an ongoing dialogue that covers each of these issues, 



Splitting the Chores

"Does anyone have a tip on how to divvy up household chores and duties?" was a simple question that resulted in a truely PSP-style way: a lively and engaging discussion about egalitarian households, gender dynamics, work/life balance, and more.

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Frozen Breast Milk: Shipping and Traveling With it

PSP members share advice about frozen breast milk, from shipping it to packing and traveling with it.

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