Working parents share advice about managing kids and childcare options. Whether working in the city, freelance or full-time, here are popular questions answered.

Working Parent Guilt: Perspectives and Pep Talks from PSP Members

Working full-time, considering enrolling your little one in daycare, preschool, or a nanny, and contending with guilt about being away from them all day? You’re not alone.

Below, check out words of wisdom from working parents who have handled this transition—and if you’re not yet a member of PSP, join us today to connect with a support group who can help you through the ups and downs of work, life, and raising kids in Brooklyn.

The Work-from-Home Parent’s Guide to Finding a Nanny

Looking for a nanny is always an involved process, and if you work from home full-time, there are additional considerations to factor in. Here, you’ll find experiences from WFH parents who have successfully navigated the hiring process.

No matter your working situation, be sure to review the PSP Guide to Hiring a Nanny for help with all steps of the process—from posting an ISO ad to welcoming your new nanny into your home.

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Supporting Your Partner During Business Travel

Leaving your family at home when you’re away on business can be a challenge. Below are tips from our PSP Dads on making things easier on your partner—and therefore on yourself as well.

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How to handle a sick kid and childcare

Coughs and sniffles, fevers and colds. Your kid is sick and how do you determine when they are too sick to go to daycare with a nasty cold or another common bug? How do you handle back-up childcare if you have to miss multiple days of work? How do you negotiate which partner stays home, especially when one or both partners has the kind of job that can't really be done from home?

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The PSP Guide to Securing Backup/ Emergency/ Last Minute Childcare

Uh oh. You’ve found yourself needing unexpected childcare. Maybe your nanny or babysitter has just called in sick or you are a freelancer and a job just came in at short notice. Or something else has come up and you find yourself needing a babysitter. What can you do?  


Commuting Into Manhattan for Daycare

Stay local for childcare, or take the kids on the subway?  Here are some words of experience.


Can working parents realistically pick up their children from daycare/preschool at 6pm?

A PSP member asks the group how working parents can realistically pick up children from daycare by 6pm.  Members share their experiences of how they manage busy work schedules with strict pick up times.


Dealing with After School Guilt

Parents talk about putting their children in after school programs, and how to help a kiddo who might feel lonely or left out because of it.

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WFH without childcare: Top tips for making it work

Being able to work from home can be a luxury, but with babies/kids at home, you may be saddled with the Sisyphean task of being a full-time employee on top of a full-time parent. Read on for some reassurance and solidarity from members who are handling the juggling act—PLUS some tips on navigating conversations around remote work with your manager.