Parents share their advice, tips and strategies about going to work after a baby.

Remote Work Secrets from PSP Members

Onboarding a new role remotely for the first time? PSP members have tips for a smooth transition.

Balancing work and taking care of your kids full-time? Also check out WFH without childcare: Top tips for making it work.

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Return to Work Resources

Park Slope Parents members on our Stay-at-Home Parents (SAHP) Group have recommended resources for a parent looking to rejoin the workforce after a three-year gap.

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Separation Anxiety with Baby: Adjusting to Nanny

Working moms talk about how their baby adjusted to nanny and overcoming baby’s separation anxiety.


Advice for Helping Your Partner Return to Work After Maternity/ Parental Leave

One dad's awesome advice for how he and his transitioned into working life after maternity leave.


Back-to-Work Anxiety

A mom faces a return to work with deeply mixed feelings.  Some advice on how to navigate this transition.


Decompressing: How to Unwind After Work

It can be very difficult to switch gears and avoid bringing work anxiety home with you, especially depending on your job and your commute. How do working parents unwind and let go of job-related stress? Here are tips from PSP working parents.



Back To Work With a Baby

Here are some tips, words of wisdom, and general advice from Park Slope parents on how to make the transition back to work with a baby as smooth and as stress free as possible…


12 Tips to Help With Separation Anxiety

Teary goodbyes—complete with clinging, screams & tantrums—are common, and as a parent, it can be very upsetting to see your little one so sad to see you go. Here are tips Park Slope Parents has picked up from members who have had to deal with this phase in their child’s development.

Breast Pump Parts 1

Pumping At Work Tips for Breast Feeding Moms

Moms who pump at work are more and more a routine part of today's workplace. Here are some valuable tips for new moms from our network of seasoned pumping pros. Also includes advice on what to wear, scheduling, storage and transportation, and more.