Resources for Working Parents

Working and parenting are each tough enough.   Managing both together--well now we've got a juggling act!  PSP is here to help!   To do this, we've got some great initiatives under our way to help you network and find job opportunities, develop your business or career, and do it all in a way that maximizes your sanity and allows you to enjoy and appreciate the toughest job of all, being a parent.

Here are the resources in this section:

Know Your Rights Resources

Here's where you can find out information about Maternity/Paternity Leave, Breastfeeding, Equal Pay, and Pregnancy Discrimintation information.

Work/Life Balance Resources

Find resources to help you understand your rights as a working parents, negotiate better leave policies or flexible work arrangements, and be part of a grassroots effort to encourage better family supportive policies in our workplaces and our laws.  [Something enthusiastic and embracing]!

We also have a great set of Work/Life Balance Tips

Career Resources

Here are resources to help you advance or change your career, from negotiating salary and benefits, using social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) to help get the word out, and more!

We even have reviews of Career Book Reviews written by parents going through the process!

Networking Resources

If you're a member of Park Slope Parents, join our PSP Career Networking group to make connections, get information about jobs, and get feedback from others about how to excel at your career!

Financial Advice

PSP Member Reviews for accountants, financial planners, insurance agents, and more