W/LB Tip #5: Read (Preferably Fiction!)

The importance of disconnecting.


Hope everyone has been using the list of delivery options I sent around last
week. I think people must be, because I ordered from the sushi restaurant I
suggested (twice this week, I admit), and it took a whole 20 minutes to deliver
(double their customary delivery time!). That's ok; if it's for a greater
good, I'm happy to share.

Moving on, then, this week's tip is one I know is hard to follow through on, but
it has a value that is far in excess of the time you have to commit to it:

Stop doing whatever it is you do after the kids go to bed just 15 minutes
earlier each night, and use that time to get a little reading in. With all of
the demands on our time, it's so easy to fall into a habit of just trying to
fill each spare moment with productive activity. My typical routine after the
kids go to bed is to clean up the house; catch up on email; and do errands and
other tasks online until I'm half asleep in front of the computer (by which
point I'm not being productive anyway). The nights I disconnect a little
earlier and read for 15 minutes, maybe one less email gets sent or article read
or item ordered, but I get a little vacation: it lifts me out of the day-to-day
and gives me a break from the otherwise constant pressure to get things done (at
work and at home). Try it!

What are YOUR tips for managing the work/life juggle? Let me know!

All best,
PSP Work/Life Initiative