W/LB Tip #4: Best Places for Ordering In/Taking Out

Good food and a quick way to take care of dinner!



Hi folks!  Thanks for my little indulgence last week.  Isabel is still not walking--for me anyway (which is fine; it just means she stays a baby a little bit longer).
Ok, turning to the topic at hand, here are the results of your recommendations of places to order in or take out in the Slope.  The criteria were quick, relatively healthy and relatively cheap.      Thanks so much for your feedback--we've got a great range here:
1) Purbird.   Purbird was far and away the most frequently recommended.   Apparently, the place to go for chicken.   www.purbird.com/Home_Page.html.
2)  La Villa  / Peppinos.  A lot of recommendations for La Villa too.   I was kind of surprised at this, because it's good, but I wouldn't say it's cheap.  Their calzones, however, can seriously feed three.   www.lavillapizza.com/menu.html Peppino's also recommended for big portions and good food.  Solid yelp reviews.  www.ilovepeppinos.com
3)  Shin Ju.  No one wrote in to recommend this (really??), but I'm sliding it in because a) $1.00 sushi and $2.50 rolls; and b) your order is delivered before you can even hang up the phone.  (Ok, not quite, but close--like 15 minutes.)  Eel/avocado rolls and shrimp/avocado rolls = good starter sushi for kids.  www.yelp.com/biz/shinju-ii-brooklyn
4)  Michael & Pings for Chinese.  I've definitely been lacking a favorite chinese place in the Slope; never tried M&P, but apparently, it's good and not greasy.  www.michaelandpings.com
5) Oaxaca Tacos.  Looks great (But RIP Uncle Moe's.)  www.oaxacatacos.com/menu.html
5) Press 195 for sandwiches.   Never heard of it before a reader recommended it, but the yelp reviews are superlative.  www.press195.com
6) 'Snice / Dao Palate for vegan.   'Snice is cafe food (sandwiches, salads); Dao Palate Thai.  Another vegan rec was Pizza Plus, since they offer vegan pizza, but I have to say, their delivery time is egregiously long--certainly not a place to order from when you need food on the table quickly.   www.menupages.com/restaurants/snice and http://daopalatevegan.com/
Great...now it's 11 at night and I'm hungry.
Ok, more next week.  As always, if you have any suggestions for ways to make it through the week--or if you want to guest-write some of these weekly emails--please let me know!!
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