W/LB Tip #7: You Really Don't Need To....

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Saving time by cutting out uneccessary daily chores.



Hi everyone.   Thanks for your indulgence last week; hope you had a chance to watch the video I sent around.  It was sent to me by one of our members and is definitely worth five minutes.

I'm back on track this week with another tip to help you in the work/family juggle, and, in fact, this one I'm envisioning as a series--I'll start us out, but I'm going to need your input going forward.     The series theme is "You don't really need to" and I'd like to list out over the next couple weeks some of the things we really don't need to do and we don't need to feel guilty about not doing, either.   We're such a bunch of parenting overachievers, I'm sure it will be helpful to hear.
Here's this week's tip:  you really don't need to bathe your kids every night. Seriously, they don't get that dirty over the course of a regular day!   Wash their hands and faces instead and save the half hour every other or few nights and have some family downtime instead of rushing through the dinner, bath, bed routine.  Of course, if bath time is your downtime (my son can happily entertain himself for 45 minutes while I sit by the tub and skim the paper), bathe away!
What else do we not need to do?  I'd love to hear advice on this from parents of all age groups.   Please email me!
All best,
PSP Work/Life Initiative