W/LB Tip #8: You Really Don't Need To Answer that Email Right Away

You really don't need to answer that email right away.



Hi folks!   This is the third and final post in the series of "You really don't need to…" and I wanted to post this tip on its own, because once the revelation clicks, it really is freeing (at least, it was for me).  It also dovetails with the other conversation underway on this list, about the mobile device tags on email.


In any case, this week's tip is:  You really don't need to answer that email right away.

Ok, maybe there are SOME emails you need to answer right away, whatever else you're doing be damned--but those are few and far between.  Whether it's from a supervisor, a colleague, or a friend, there are few outreaches that demand a response in the moment.   You'll feel much less frenzied if you set aside some time to focus on responding to emails rather than interrupting the other tasks at hand to respond to each email as it comes in over the course of the day--and the extra time to think about your response will only serve you better.  This is true whether you are responding on a remote device or from your computer at work.  And, wherever it is you send it from, you can still use a signature tag!
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