W/LB Tip #19: Desktop Activism

Helping all parents have more work-life balance through easy activism.


Hi folks.   This weekly email on work/life balance is entering its sixth month next week--I kind of can't believe I'm still finding something to say!   I keep at it for one main reason:  sure, if even one of these tips made a difference for just one person, that's a net positive, but really, what I'm after is that I think it helps all of us, including me, to know that we're part of a larger community struggling with the same challenges.   And so through this weekly post I'm trying to reinforce that for all of us.  The tips themselves--maybe useful, maybe not.  But I hope each one is a reminder that we're not alone as we try to figure out how to make things work as both parents and professionals.
Anyway, it's been on my mind to share that with you, and so I am.  It also ties into this fantastic   article sent to me by one of our members, with a link at the bottom to a Change.org petition that you really MUST sign.   The article talks about the lack of support in the U.S. for working parents and makes the point that all the pressure on parents over parenting styles just serves to divide us and distract us from where our attention should be:  on pushing, as a community, for better family supportive policies for all parents.  It is a societal issue, not an individual one.  And that's what we're about here, pushing that idea forward while maybe making things a little easier, one tip at a time.
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PSP Work/Life Initiative

Wake Up Moms:You're Fighting the Wrong Fight!


Over the last week, I’ve been asked my opinion on the recent TIME Magazine cover no fewer than twenty times. Apparently, having birthed a baby recently was supposed to mean I should care. Or something.


The article associated with the now notorious cover (which became a hot topic even before the actual edition of the magazine hit newsstands) discusses a style of parenting called  attachment parenting and, by extension, mothers nursing their children for extended periods of time. I’d go into more detail on the theory and principles behind attachment parenting if I had more time, but I’m sorry – I’m busy perfecting my “style” of parenting. I just like to call it “parenting” and it involves me making sure my child stays alive. It’s working out pretty well for us so far.


Read full article here: http://www.momsinmaine.com/2012/05/wake-up-moms-youre-fighting-the-wrong-fight/




How about, instead, we get on our government’s ass about giving us more time to do what we are meant to do – to just be parents.

I am writing to Congress on this topic – will you do the same??? Let’s show them that we are ALL mom enough and we deserve the right to be just that – moms.

Sign the Change.org Petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/paid-maternity-leave-for-all-u-s-women