W/LB Tip #18: Happy Mother's Week- Cut yourself some slack

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Sometimes the best thing to do is just cut yourself some slack.


Hi everyone.    Over the past few weeks, we've covered topics that require a pretty big initial investment of time, thought or energy to reap the quality of life payoff:  de-cluttering your office, de-cluttering your mind, creating traditions.   Today, I'm in the mood for something simple, that doesn't require anything of you at all.    This week's tip, in keeping with the holiday that kicked it off, is:  cut yourself some slack.   Wherever it is you need it!   Maybe pick one task or commitment that, on its own or in combination with everything else, is causing your stress level to rise and just...don't do it.   Or pick one thing you're feeling guilty about and absolve yourself.   Or pick one thing you've really been wanting to do and clear the space in your schedule to do it.   Maybe do all three.  And do this periodically!   We can't be all things to all people, always perfectly, all the time.


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