W/LB Tip #16: More on Family Traditions

Follow up to people's family traditions.


Hi all. A handful of you--not enough!--wrote in to share your family
traditions, and I've excerpted or summarized below.

Here's what we have so far--all well worth adopting:

1) Sunday is Beautification Day: On one level it means the children have to
make an extra contribution to beautify a space in our home, usually their rooms.
However, the highlight of beautification day is that my husband along with our
three girls, and three boys take turns getting and receiving facials, massages,
manicures and pedicures. This lends itself to family bonding, being of service
to others and everyone getting an opportunity to be pampered!

2) Best and Worst Part of the Day: every night we all go around the table and
say one thing good and one bad thing about our day. Now that my husband travels
more for work, the kids ask me to call him wherever he is just so he can take a
minute and share with us best and worst parts of the day. It was incredibly
simple and easy and even my 2 year old gets into it.

3) Family Summit: have dinner together every Sunday night, review the calendar
for the week and everyone's activities and talk about our accomplishments

4) Family Breakfast: making it a point to have breakfast together every day,
before everyone goes their separate ways and one parent or the other has to work

5) Movie Night: a classic; just some low-key time together

Anyone have other traditions to share? I'd love to hear. Please post to the
list or send to me and I'll post.

All best,

PSP Work/Life Initiative