W/LB Tip #14: Create Family Traditions

Creating moments that will stand out for years.



Hi everyone.    I'm back this week, definitely more than a little relieved at the return to the routine!  Hope you all had a good break.
Over the past few weeks, with the Passover and Easter holidays as well as spring break, I've been talking to a lot of people about family traditions--not just religious holidays, and whether and how we mark them, but also the rituals we establish in the course of our family life.    It's certainly a topic I've been thinking a lot about lately, as my kids get older and I realize that it's up to me to create the moments that will stand out in our memories of these years.   Of course, and it's why I raise it here, a family tradition serves the present, too:  it's a reason to step outside of the usual grind and focus on enjoying each other and the moment.
So, my work/life tip this week is create family traditions, big and small, unique to your family and encompassing others.   A tradition can be something as simple as a weekly family movie night or an after-dinner trip one night each week to Louie G's during the summer.  It can be as big as an annual family vacation or hosting your own holiday dinner with friends.    The point is to establish regular activities, carved out of the everyday rush, to be present with your family and to celebrate.   Not only will these occasions give you and your family something to look forward to, but, looking back, it will be these times together, and not the rush, that stand out as the defining moments.
All best,
PSP Work/Life initiative