W/LB Tip #13: When the clock strikes 8:30...

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Finding ways to use the hours after the kids are asleep to have fun and re-energize.


Hi all.  I'm just back from book club (and, despite the tip a couple months ago to spend 15 minutes a day reading, I did not so much as start the book).    It was a really nice evening, very mellow, and, as tired as I was when I dragged myself out to it--as tired as I was when I woke up this morning!--I forgot that as soon as I got there.    In fact, it was energizing, in the way, of course, having fun tends to be!

Best part about it?  It was guilt-free, since the kids didn't even know I was out.
So, that's my tip for this week:   use those hours after the kids are asleep! It's this secret wealth of untapped time.   Obviously, we're all exhausted; it's hard to commit and you'll be tempted to cancel.  But it's worth the rally to make regular occasion of it.   You won't regret it once you make it out.
Until next week!
All best,