W/LB Tip #3: The FIRST ______ (fill in the blank) Happens when YOU see it!

Count YOUR first time seeing something as the first time.


Hi everyone!  I was planning for this week's post to be relatively quick, healthy and moderately-priced places to order take-out or delivery from in the Slope, and though I've gotten some fantastic suggestions in response to my post on the advice list, I haven't had a chance to compile them!  So, look for that next week.  And that means you still have time to send me your favorites!  (Please do!)

This week's tip, then, won't save anyone any time, but I hope it'll make some of us feel a little better in managing the juggle.  It is this: THE FIRST ______ (fill in the blank) HAPPENS WHEN YOU SEE IT!

While I was in the office today, my daughter took her first steps.  (Yay, Isabel!). The babysitter was there; I wasn't.  When told the news, my immediate reaction was to joke "She'll take her first steps when I see her do it!".   In fact, though, that's the attitude I had with my son when he was a baby, and it worked beautifully:  though I was working a lot when he was her age, I don't remember missing witnessing major milestones.  I just focused on the first time I saw him do or say something new rather than focusing on whether I was there the first time it actually happened.   Just a little reminder to self, I guess, on this bittersweet day!

More next week!  Send me your tips!


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