Increasing your Productivity

Want to increase your productivity when you work from home? Here are three helpful tips!

1. Build a Work Shrine

 Gretchen Rubin from the Happiness Project talks about building shrines in your house. She talks about making your WORK environment a Shrine, so it's a pleasant place to work.  Here's a podcast in case you want to know more.

2. The 50/10 Rule

Setting a timer to work 50 minutes and then do something else for 10 minutes.  It really does work at keeping your mind fresher.  As one mom shares, "since I work from home those 10 minutes end up being changing laundry, petting the cat, cleaning, etc.  What it means is that my house is cleaner and I've gotten more done work-wise."

3.  The science of how temperature and lighting impacts our productivity

This article talks about how our working environment effects our productivity.  

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