Don't Do the Dishes! (And Other Irreverent Advice for Creative Parents)

 It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its an Advice Column!


Finally. At last. I know all of you have been waiting with baited breath to hear my opinion on things. Well now, at last, you can! But first a little about myself for those of you haven’t had the pleasure…

Listen. We all know we’re better at solving other people’s problems than they are. Or is it ‘I’m better at solving other people’s problems than my own’? Who cares. ANY-way…

My name is Rahti, Coach Rahti to you, and for the record let me just say that I won’t be solving anybody’s problems. I will, however, lend my expertise at helping people find their own answers by shedding light on various ways to look at their situation. Alright, sometimes I’ll suggest a how-to. But then wiser fools than I are invited to post their responses. Think about it: all that insight in one place! You might actually find some answers here!


I’ll be posting bi-monthly. So GoWaaan…..ask me something! Oh, I suppose first you’ll want to know a little about what qualifies me to be an advice maven here on PSP: I’m a former eclectic professional (actor, playwright, company manager, chief cook and bottle-washer (Seriously. I’ve cleaned houses, was a personal assistant and had a cooking business), standup comic and adoptive parent. It’s that last one that really pulled it all together for me: Now I’m a life coach who helps creative professionals with kids reclaim and integrate their BC selves (Before Child. I should trademark that) so that they can really have the life they’ve always wanted!


First Tip: If you’ve got a goal you care about reaching, don’t do the dishes….first. If necessary, let them pile up ‘til you can’t stand it anymore and work on your goal just to get to them. Or maybe someone else will do them first.


So GoWaaan! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!



Rahti Gorfien, founder of Creative Calling Coaching, is a Life Coach whose practice is primarily comprised of group and individual sessions for artist and freelancers, and while her client roster includes artists of all persuasions, she specializes in those that are parents. Her blogs have been featured in Hip Slope Momma, Talent Development Resources, Momasphere, Sanemoms and Rahti is a professional actress and playwright who's work has won critical recognition and is highly regarded by her peers. As a mother who coaches other moms, she believes that balancing domestic responsibility with vocational goals is a crucial component of our ability to connect to, and be present with our families. PH: 917 804-9572


You can here her every week on her new talk blog Making It: A Show for Creative Thinkers and Doers at: