Park Slope Parents Academic Research Policy

Wanting to contact Park Slope Parents regarding some academic research you are conducting?

Read the note from Park Slope Founder and Academic herself, Susan Fox, PhD...



From Susan Fox:


As a college prof (and former HSIRB committee member) I know how hard it is to find good subjects. I’ll do my best to help you but I do need to know a bit more about your research and methodology.  Here’s what I need:

Please send an email to (me!) with:

  • The text of the exact message you would like to post to our 5,000+ members
  • Your affiliation with the college or research institution
  • The underlying purpose of your research (An abstract would be great)
  • Please let me know if you've received HSIRB approval.
  • The name and contact information of your advisor
  • A survey link (if applicable),
  • The reasons you'd like to use PSP for your study.

There are other groups listed on the PSP Website that you might want to contact if you are interested in contacting other online parenting groups:

A Ph. D. researcher (me, Ph. D. Communication, UCSB, 1994) who has extensive background in research and research methodology will review your message. I'll respond promptly with our decision and if it's relevant to the list I'll add an introduction to help you get more respondents.

Thanks for understanding,

Susan Fox, Ph. D.