Volunteer to help out PSP!

There are many ways for you to give back to Park Slope Parents. 


1.      Send a Summary

  If you ask a question on the list and get great responses, please post a summary to the list and also send it to


2.      Thank your fellow PSP members!

 Is there an email that you received that helped you get through a tough parenting moment? A PSP member that went out of their way to help you out when it wasn’t expected? Someone that helped you laugh through your parenting strife?


Give a shout out to that member by sending in a 1 paragraph summary of why they should be PSP Member of the Week, and include the email address of the member and any relevant emails.  They will be featured on the website as well as on a weekly email to the PSP list.  A great way to focus on the strength of our list!     



4.      Be An Armchair Editor

   See some typos that are driving you nuts?  Tell us about them!



5.     Volunteer at one of our events!

  Like to plan and party? (me too!)  We have numerous PSP offline activities such as the Spring Fling, Harvest Festival, and Celebrate Brooklyn Concert(details to come soon!).  It can be something as simple as bringing brownies or something more such as planning the whole event.


If you'd like to help out in any of these ways, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.