Prospect Park Alliance Playground Committee

Help make the Prospect Park Playgrounds better!

Prospect Park Alliance Playground Committee

The Prospect Park Alliance, in partnership with the City of New York and the community, restores, develops, and operates the Park for the enjoyment of all New Yorkers.  The Alliance is dedicated to serving visitors through its facilities and programs, caring for the Park's natural environment, and preserving its historic design. Located at the center of the City’s most populous borough, Prospect Park is a unique public forum, where residents from all economic classes, cultural traditions, and geographic neighborhoods come together for common purposes. 


Prospect Park is home to seven dynamic and award-winning playgrounds which offer a playful environment for healthy physical activity.  Scattered throughout the Park, these playgrounds, each with its own personality, provide much-needed outdoor space for city kids to play as well as an exciting place for adults and kids to meet with friends and acquaintances.  The Alliance is dedicated to supporting and enhancing each playground through diligent maintenance, equipment replacement, and educational programming as well as raising awareness among elected officials.


The Playground Committee was formed in 2004 through a partnership of concerned parents and Prospect Park Alliance staff and has raised more than $50,000 towards the Park’s playgrounds.  Its goal is to ensure that Prospect Park’s playgrounds will be available and welcoming for generations of children to come.  The Committee reaches out to the parents of children who use these playgrounds. The Committee’s goals are: 

·          To offer parents new ways to get involved in Prospect Park;

·          To raise awareness in the community of the Prospect Park Alliance’s work;

·          To serve as a forum where the community can discuss its concerns and questions;

·          To promote the Park as a destination;

·          To raise money for the Prospect Park Alliance’s playgrounds; and

·          To develop the volunteer leadership for the Alliance. 


The Committee hosts one fundraising event per year, a cocktail party in early summer, and participates in Park-wide volunteer activities and events.  The Playground Committee also holds periodic meetings where parents can discuss their concerns and the Alliance can disseminate information on upcoming projects. 


Members of the Playground Committee are asked to contribute to the Alliance in the following ways:

·          Attend the yearly Playground Committee fundraising event mentioned above;

·          Share a list of contacts with the Prospect Park Alliance and help sell tickets to the annual event;

·          Attend occasional meetings of the Committee (approximately 2-4 meetings per year);

·          Become a member of the Prospect Park Alliance ($25/household);

·          Help procure items for the silent auction at Playground Committee fundraising events; and

·          Assist in soliciting corporate sponsorships and donations when possible.


Committee members are required to raise $300 per year for the Alliance, either through a personal donation or through a combination of ticket sales, silent auction items, etc. 


Playground Committee (in formation)

Catherine & Mark Varous and Nadia & Christian Wallace, Co-Chairs; Anne Baker & John Katinos; Nicole Bilu Brier; Alice Cheng & Robert Littleton; Beverly Crilly; Ginny & Mac Dorris; Brooke Edgar; Diana English; Nicole Haran; Michele Israel; Lesley Larson; Lloyd Miller; Elizabeth Powers & Andy Wagner; Jamie Principe; Alexa Robinson & Steven Johnson; Margaret B. Schilling; Beth Shair & Thierry Goyer; Courtney Tuck; Jonathan Turer; Cara Tuzzolino-Werben; and Allison Womack


For more information about joining the Playground Committee,

Please contact Jessie Betts at 718-965-8988 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..